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Attached to Project: Rockbox
Opened by kkurbjun - 2009-11-10
Last edited by jdgordon - 2009-12-21

FS#10771 - Custom SBS/WPS bugs

I am writing this to keep track of the bugs that I am running into while messing with the sbs. I am testing against the M:Robe 500 Sim with the CleanGreen WPS. You will need albumart to test some of these bugs

Bug 1:

If the statusbar on the main screen or the remote is set to custom while the other (remote or main) is set to the built-in status bar (Top or Bottom) the main viewport does not pay attention to the statusbar area causing graphical problems.

Steps to reproduce:
Start with Status Bar set to Top and the Remote Status Bar set to top (in Settings→Theme Settings→Status-/Scrollbar)

Change either the remote or the main status bar to custom and notice that the statusbar is not displayed.

Bug 2:

If I use the %cs tag without a ? in it the simulator will segfault.

Steps to reproduce:
load the attached sbs

Bug 3:

There are graphic glitches when using a conditional viewport in the sbs while going to the Now Playing screen.

Steps to reproduce:
load the attached
transition the menus to resume playback, then go to the menu and back to the now playing screen.

Bug 4:
The touchscreen code in absolute mode does not seem to pay attention to the UI viewport.

Steps to reproduce:
load the attached
click on the blank area to the right of the list - you can transition the menus even though you are outside the ui viewport.

Bug 5:

The touchscreen progress bar no longer works properly. You cannot touch a location in the progressbar to jump to that spot.

EDIT: It looks like this is related to the custom statusbar. I need to give a testcase for this.

Steps to reproduce:
Load the Cleangreen WPS and start playing a song - try to click on a location on the progress bar: it does not move the position of the song

Closed by  jdgordon
2009-12-21 04:47
Reason for closing:  Fixed

%cs<> is wrong syntax, but it souldn’t segfault.

Bug 4 isn’t really related to sbs. the list touchscreen handler worked like this for a long time. That’s also the reason you can tap the (classic) statusbar to go to the main menu.
 bug 3  is also not really related. the screen isn’t cleared when entering the wps, the WPS just draws over, blaking out would potentially look ugly. I try to have a look why the transistion is so noticeable on some themes.

Thanks for looking at this, I found that the cs syntax I was using was incorrect before, but I filed this so that the segfault could be tracked. I think the touchscreen handler needs to pay attention to the UI viewport, but I can see how this would not be related to the sbs/ user definable viewport.

About Bug 5:
If you use the attached sbs along with the cleangreen theme on the mr500 sim you will not be able to click on some of the buttons or use the progressbar. It appears that the custom sbs is interfering with the user definable touch actions.

I found another bug that I wanted to document:

Bug 6:

I found another graphic glitch. If you open the attached SBS on an MR500 sim and click resume playback when there is nothing to resume the popup does not completely clear.

On the fuze sim, %cs<> (using your test sbs) doesn’t result in a segfault. The sbs parses to fail as expected.

Thomas, I am not sure what the complete cause is of the segfault, but the testcase was against the MR500 with the Clean Green theme loaded along with the sbs I provided. This is not a target specific bug, but may be a combination of a few things happening. Please try it on the MR500 sim. If you cannot reproduce I will look into it further.

I am attaching the original CleanGreen theme since the updated one may not show these issues.

It looks like r23580 fixed the crash I was seeing, I thought I had tested post that fix, but I must have been mistaken. So  bug 2  is no longer an issue.

About  bug 3  The WPS has to do some clearing of the screen.. A clear with the backdrop set won’t blank to a black screen it should blank to the backdrop. If it didn’t clear anything when leaving the list we’d have all types of artifacts.

were any of these fixed in the very recent commit?

Yes, I think that most of these bugs are fixed, the touchscreen still does not pay attention to the ui viewport, but I can open a different issue for that.

There are a couple of new bugs though.

These were tested on the MR500 with the cleangreen theme.

Artifact 1:
If you go into the playlist or system menu items scrolling stops.

To reproduce:
Start playing a song that uses scrolling in the SBS.
Go into the playlists or system menu.

Artifact 2:
Clearing the backdrop does not fully clear the screen.

To reproduce:
Go to Settings→Theme Settings→Choose clear backdrop (note that it does not properly clear the backdrop)

Artifact 3:
Background color changes do not take effect in the main build or the plugins till the player is restarted.

To reproduce:
Go to Settings→Theme Settings→Choose clear backdrop
Now go into colours and try to change the background color.
The background color change does not take effect till the player is restarted.

Artifact 4:
Initializing the database causes all kinds of artifacts while it is updating.

To reproduce:
Start with a build that does not have the database initialized and choose the database entry.
Hit ESC to start the initialization.

Artifact 5:
Player boot times have increased. It appears that the boot time has doubled in the main boot. I suspect that it is due to the change in the settings apply within main.c.

Artifact 6:
Going into most of the menu item entries causes scrolling to reset.

To reproduce:
Start playing a song that requires scrolilng in the sbs.
Go into the files, database, Settings, or plugins menu. Notice that scrolling resets every time the menu changes.

Artifact 7:
The SBS glitches when a pop-up message clears

To reproduce:
Cause a pop-up message to show.
When it clears the sbs glitches.

1) fixed
2) fixed
3) this is a bit finicky… the viewport colours dont nessecarily come from the setting… I dont tihnk this should be included in this bug report… create a new bug for it (or accept that it wont be fixed probably)
4) nothing new… thats always been like that. I might have a quick go at fixing it tonight though… maybe.. (its midnight already)
5) doubled?! which build are you comparing it to? just tested on the h300… the first settings_apply() takes 0 ticks, the time between the two setting_apply()’s is 47 ticks (~.5s) the time for the second settings_apply() is 198 ticks (~2s) which makes sense… the first apply doesnt touch the disk, the second loads the theme, in my case cabbie. Please benchmark the build you are comparing it to.
6) wont fix. or was fixed with the fix for 1
7) this entirely depends on the theme and the splash combination… I need a concrete example to do anything about it (probably wont bother doing anything anyway)

artefact 6 from the oriional thing might be the last one left… reopen in a new bug because i dont really understand it… and Karl, please one bug report per bug… this mass ones are hard to follow


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