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Attached to Project: Rockbox
Opened by sagemfreak1 - 2009-12-29
Last edited by tomers - 2010-01-04

FS#10883 - clickwheel stops working when its used during the bookmark setting process

if bookmark=ask is set and the mpeg is stopped, the user is asked for pressing select (for make bookark) or any key (for discard)
on apple devices: if the clickwheel is used for discarding, the bookmark is not set (as intended) but the clickwheel is not working anymore.
to get the clickwheel working again, the keyboard lock has to be set and unset and select has to be pressed.

possible solution to that issue:

i am very new in rockbox programming, but ive figuered out a solution (i will create some patch files tomorrow). i assume, that the clickwheel does not produce a BUTTON_REL. so the get_action_worker() exits with a return ACTION_NONE; every time the clickwheel is moved.

i dont kow why, but if the programm is back in the menue or the filelist, the get_action_worker() continues exiting with ACTION_NONE on line 213 (return ACTION_NONE; /* "safest" return value */). this is going on until a key (eg select) is pressed. then the clickwheel is responding again.

to ignore clickwheel slides, ive, extended action.h with new YESNO actions:

 /* yesno screen */
  ACTION_YESNO_DECLINE, // patch by sven
  ACTION_YESNO_IGNORE,  // patch by sven

then ive defined the new keyactions in keymap-ipod.c

static const struct button_mapping button_context_yesno[] = {

  { ACTION_YESNO_ACCEPT,          BUTTON_SELECT,                                       BUTTON_NONE },
  { ACTION_YESNO_IGNORE,          BUTTON_SCROLL_FWD,                                   BUTTON_NONE },
  { ACTION_YESNO_IGNORE,          BUTTON_SCROLL_BACK,                                  BUTTON_NONE },

}; /* button_context_yesno */

finally ive reacting on the new ignore action in yesno.c

     switch (button)
          case ACTION_YESNO_ACCEPT:
             case ACTION_YESNO_IGNORE:  // patch by sven - ignore list for some keys
              // a slide on the apple clickwheel has no BUTTON_REL
              // so simply ignore slides ...
         case ACTION_NONE:
              /* ignore some SYS events that can happen */

now i will cleanup the code and create clean patch files.

good night

update: that bug also happen, when the last mp3 is played. if the volume is changed using the clickwheel slider and the end of that mp3 is reached, the slider is not working in the main menu/filelist.

ive tracked down this malfunction to action.c:

if 1)

      if (button & BUTTON_REL)
          last_button = button;
          last_action = ACTION_NONE;
      /* eat all buttons until the previous button was |BUTTON_REL
         (also eat the |BUTTON_REL button) */
splashf(0,"action %8x",button); // debug message for tracking the bug     
return ACTION_NONE; /* "safest" return value */   // <================ if the bug is active, we return here, until a normal key is pressed.
  last_context = context;
1) context != last_context) && ((last_button & BUTTON_REL) == 0

this is a patch which solves the 2 issues by a little modification in action.c. not optimized for other devices than ipods. tested on ipod2g with great success.

cu on irc!

I think there's several tasks describing this very problem.

Anyway, please provide your real name (edit your flyspray profile) if you want your patches committed.

ive updated my user profile (i added a new mail adress too - its my current work mail adress).

is it necessary to open a new patch task for getting the patch committed?

No. I hope someone has time to look at your patch soon.

fine! then my patch in FS#10892 should be reviewed too. both patches are targeting a similar problem.

rockbox is a great project - i hope i will have time to make more contributions in the future.

There's a patch at  FS#10097 , you may want to have a look it.


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