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Attached to Project: Rockbox
Opened by csavery - 2010-05-21

FS#11300 - PictureFlow - Reflection Setting for small screens, Clip+

This is a patch meant for Clip+ that adds a “Reflection” setting to
allows choosing if to show a reflection or not. When no reflection is shown the images are moved to bottom of screen allowing for title at top and keeping them in the blue
will work for other devices. I tested it on Fuze v2 but others may have unknown problems related to screen size differences. For screens > 100 high it doesn’t move the albums
against r26185 in UISim
you want this as a patch against my pictureflow-wps integration patch let me know as I have one

Here is a new sync’d version of reflection and mono (FS#11310) combined against
in Sim on Clip, Clip+ and Fuzev2 to see if any problems result. Looks fine here.

Updated to choose mono mode based on HAVE_USEFUL_GREYLIB now also defined in config.h

Moved HAVE_USEFUL_GREYLIB into pictureflow.c so it’s self contained.

Using the first of these patches on Clip+ presently, works entirely as expected on target and sim.

One thing I’m curious about is how you’re handling the zooming in the reflection-off mode. At zoom levels below 100%, the covers remain locked to the base of the screen, but above 100% the base expands off the bottom of the screen, whereas I feel it would make more sense to have the covers scale up (north) on the screen, as at 100% there’s still some (blue) room above the covers, presumably because the 100% zoom level isn’t designed to /fill/ the screen, but leaves space above and below. However, because you’re leaving no space below there’s just a gap above.

Currently making the sim, will attach a screenshot assuming it’s the same there.

Screen dump from simulator, note: scaled 2x for easier viewing, and gap is replaced by green bar to demonstrate its location more clearly.

Everything below the green line is in the blue section of the screen; as far as I can tell there’s no way to fill that empty space.


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