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Opened by funman - 2010-05-30
Last edited by funman - 2010-06-11

FS#11335 - Make ARM assembly functions thumb-friendly

A lot of functions use return instructions which won’t set the T bit if the caller was running in thumb:

- ldm reg, { …, pc } works on armv5 but not armv4t

- ldr pc, function works on ARMv5 and +

- add/sub/bic/orr/mov pc, lr works on armv7 but not before

reference is

DDI0100E (ARMv5 architecture reference manual) says of mov:
If <Rd> is R15, the SPSR of the current mode is copied to the CPSR

This patch changes all occurences of these instructions which could be run on armv4t (e.g. PP, AMSv1, ..).

I don’t think I have missed any, I used grep -E “1)pc” to find all the occurences.

I could have changed some code which would not run on ARMv4 though.

Cost of this change on ldm (the most used)
- 4 more bytes per return
- 1 more cycle on ARM7TDMI, no effect on newer CPUs

See  FS#6734  for how to build thumb code

1) (ldr|mov) *)|(ldm.*
Closed by  funman
2010-06-11 04:42
Reason for closing:  Accepted
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I didn’t change any crt0.S

I think we can return from vectors with anything, the spsr will be restored with the T bit (must check)

Exceptions which return already take care of restoring CPSR from SPSR so the T bit stays set

e200v1 built with -mthumb still doesn’t boot though

Tested OK on fuzev1 (armv4) and clipv2 (armv5)

All files checked
Modify some comments
Remove unrelated diffs

% grep -rE “1)pc” *|cut -d: -f1|sort|uniq

apps/codecs/demac/libdemac/udiv32_arm.S # ARMv5+
apps/codecs/libtremor/mapping0.c # false positive (ldmia %[pcm])
apps/dsp_arm_v6.S # ARMv6+
apps/plugins/mpegplayer/idct_armv6.S # ARMv6+
apps/plugins/mpegplayer/motion_comp_arm_s.S # branches to local ARM functions
apps/recorder/jpeg_idct_arm.S # ARMv5+

firmware/target/arm/as3525/sansa-clipplus/lcd-as-clip-plus.S # ARMv5
firmware/target/arm/as3525/sansa-clipv2/lcd-as-clipv2.S # ARMv5

# crt0 ignored: entered in ARM state, returning from exceptions restore SPSR into CPSR

firmware/target/arm/support-arm.S # ARMv5+
firmware/target/arm/s3c2440/system-s3c2440.c # return from exception (irq), restore SPSR into CPSR

# tools and bootloaders ignored



Still not booting on e200v1 (built with -mthumb) - not sure why

1) (mov|ldr) *)|(ldm.*

sync to r26588

problem on PP is a problem with the linker, i think this patch could go in

i’ll make some test_codec run to confirm it hasn’t any noticeable impact

Results on fuzev1 built with eabi: last column is the % of time needed to decode with the patch, compared to without the patch

*Nero AAC-HE*
64kaache.m4a 164.17% realtime Decode time - 107.21s 151.06MHz 100.85%
*Cook (RA)*
cook_mono_64.ra 1306.83% realtime Decode time - 13.46s 18.97MHz 100.00%
cook_stereo_32.ra 1417.40% realtime Decode time - 12.41s 17.49MHz 100.00%
cook_stereo_64.ra 694.15% realtime Decode time - 25.34s 35.72MHz 99.97%
cook_stereo_96.ra 678.36% realtime Decode time - 25.93s 36.55MHz 100.00%
lame_096.mp3 833.53% realtime Decode time - 21.11s 29.75MHz 100.23%
lame_128.mp3 637.30% realtime Decode time - 27.61s 38.91MHz 100.26%
mpc_096.mpc 903.90% realtime Decode time - 19.46s 27.43MHz 100.00%
mpc_128.mpc 860.98% realtime Decode time - 20.43s 28.80MHz 99.97%
nero_096.m4a 571.11% realtime Decode time - 30.81s 43.42MHz -
nero_128.m4a 550.21% realtime Decode time - 31.98s 45.07MHz -
vorbis_096.ogg 658.55% realtime Decode time - 26.71s 37.65MHz -
*WMA Standard*
wma_128.wma 652.33% realtime Decode time - 27.21s 38.01MHz -
wma_96.wma 659.60% realtime Decode time - 26.91s 37.59MHz -

Replace ldm/ldr which pop pc by ldrpc/ldmpc macros


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