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Attached to Project: Rockbox
Opened by Chronon - 2010-08-06

FS#11522 - Make Rockbox recognize Game of Life configurations with a .l extension

Some collections (such as use an extension of “.l” instead of “.cells” for what appears to be the same file format (same comment character and same characters for dead and live cell).

This patch just adds an entry to viewers.config so that Rockbox will treat .l files as supported and open them with Rocklife.

I have discovered that some files with a .l extension do not have the same format. These don’t pose a problem for rocklife, but will just appear as a blank starting configuration. I will see about adding support for these configs too.

I found a page that describes commonly used file formats here:

I will work on adding support for .LIF .RLE and .L formats.

This patch adds support for both varieties of .l files and should allow for relatively easy inclusion of new formats. Should support any of the files in the archive I linked in the task details.


dbLife (*.L)

Essentially the same format as RLE. David I. Bell used this format for his large collection dbLifeLib ( Some patterns in this format mix the Life 1.05 format with RLE.

Time permitting I will next add support for the RLE and Life 1.05 with .rle and .lif extensions (respectively).

I have found a couple of bugs. I’ll upload a new patch when I find some time.

Here’s an updated patch that should open both types of .l files, Life 1.05 (.LIF, .LIFE) and RLE configurations.

Just to clarify, with the newest patch Rocklife should open .cells, .l, .lif, .life, and .rle configurations.

This patch parses rules from RLE, Life 1.05 and .L files. Status screen now displays currently loaded rule.

For some reason, loading RLE (and RLE-type .L) files crashes the simulator but it seems to work fine on target (tested on Gigabeat F40).

I tested various configurations for some non-standard rule sets and they appear to be working properly. Any feedback would be welcome.

teru commented on 2010-10-22 06:19

here is cleaned up version of the patch with error checks and centering input.
the cause of crash seems to lack of break statement for the case ext_c is b.
also, i think header[30] is a bit small.

Thank you, teru!

I will work on a patch for the manual to document the changes, should this patch be accepted.

Here is a patch for the manual. It lists the supported file extensions and makes cursory mention of support for alternate rule sets.

Forgot the patch.


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