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Opened by Confuseling - 2010-09-05
Last edited by Bilgus - 2022-03-15

FS#11605 - Clip+ new keymap


This adds the hotkey [short home], and allows you to stop/start play more or less anywhere [long home] which I find quite useful. Hopefully, it’s a little more consistent too, though it still needs a bit of polish.


I’d quite like [short power] to stop play in the menus by calling ACTION_TREE_STOP, but unfortunately that only works for local files, not for the radio, which feels inconsistent. I’ve put in a feature request;

The recording screen isn’t very consistent with the rest of the keymap - you can press [left] or [home] to get back to the menu, and [short power] and [right] both open the recording menu. This seems to be a peculiarity of the way the recording screen is designed, though I’ll try to improve it.

There is a ‘glitch’ in that when you press [long home] deep in the menus, it’ll sometimes jump through another menu before dropping back to the WPS / Radio screen.

Some users prefer to have a free button with which to turn the backlight back on - they are seemingly used to using [short down], which is bound to playlist here. However, if they don’t set the WPS hotkey, they’ll still have a ‘functionless’ button, so no functionality is lost.

I haven’t touched the HID part at all, because I have no clue what it does…

Details of major changes:
[Long up] Pitch screen
[Short down] Playlist screen
[Long down] Quick screen
[Short home] Hotkey
[Long home] Stop

Pitch screen:
[Short select] Cycle mode
[Long select] Reset

Recording screen: (troublesome)
[Short select] Start / pause
[Short left] / [Short home] New file / exit
[Short right] / [Short power] Recording menu
[Volume] Adjust settings

Radio screen:
[Short select] Scan / search
[Long select] Presets
[Short down] Radio menu

Built against r2799. All comments and suggestions welcome, and thanks for reading.

Closed by  Bilgus
2022-03-15 22:15
Reason for closing:  Duplicate
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https://gerrit.rockbox.or g/r/c/rockbox/+/4245

Slight adjustment to the radio (swapped menu to [short home])

Fixed slightly nasty bug in Recording screen, caused crashes and sometimes prevented player from turning off unless switched to WPS or Radio first. Still something of a mess, but I can't figure it out at all - any ideas welcome.

Removed a binding on [short power] in context standard to fix the conflict.

Now seems to work (fingers crossed…)

Arrrgh! Seems I may have been relying on some kind of voodoo without realising it. Every time I remove one conflict, another appears. Oh well… This seems usable, but I suspect that may change whenever other parts of the code are updated. C'est la vie… :-(

By jove, I think I've cracked it…

Now I'll stop spamming your bug tracker. :-)

This is a second variant, using [short home] to go back to menu instead of [short power], which has correspondingly moved menus in the recording screen and radio, along with the hotkey, onto [short power].

In this, and the last patch posted (what shall now be called "variant one"), I've disabled the tree hotkey. I did it in the last one because I had to, in this one you can switch it on, but personally I think it makes things clumsier (you can no longer back out of menus by hitting [short power] again) for little benefit.

Incremental improvements to variant two.

Can now use [short home] to jump backwards and forwards between what you're playing and the menu, [long home] to do the same whilst starting and stopping.

The only real standout bits of oddness left are that when you enter the playlist screen from the WPS by pressing [short down], you might expect [short home] to get you back again - it doesn't, and I don't think there's anything I can do about it. Still, pressing [long home], or [short home] then [long home] works, and is probably not *that* unintuitive considering that [long home] gets you back to the WPS from more or less anywhere.

Going in to the settings menus, e.g. volume, treble and so on, it would be nice if [short home] dropped you back out again, but I don't think that's possible without losing [short home] taking you back to the WPS from the main menu.

Also, in the recording screen [long home] is bound to new file, because it seemed to interfere slightly with starting/stopping if I put it on [long select]. Which option is worse is a matter of opinion.

Couple of bugfixes.

I havnt yet had a good look at the change, but keymap changes are usually very hard to get through. Also we need your full name for credits to be able to commit this.

I'm fairly sure the current keymap is unnecessarily inconsistent in places, so I'm sure it can be improved. Whether this is an improvement or not is a different question - I guess you'd have to try it? :-)

Personally, I think it's better once you're used to it, but I understand that you need a good consensus for a change like this.

Incremental improvements to variant one.

More incremental improvements to variant one.

Whoops - sorry, they might be the same actually… :-)

Hopefully make short power always cancel.

Sorry - getting in a muddle. This should work.

Cleaned up code/comments, removed some redundancy.

Just a small note: Clipv1 and Clipv2 use the same keymap than Clip+

The only exception is ACTION_KEYLOCK because Clip+ doesn't have a hold button like the Clip

You're quite right, and I shouldn't have named it as such - sorry about that, and please do rename the issue if it will let you.

Oh well… I'm hoping, with the exception of the hold button, it will work the same. But I have no Clip to test it on…

There are some combos forbidden by clipv1 hardware.
I don't remember which ones exactly but your patch doesn't add any so it's good,

I'll be able to test on clip if this gets accepted (I didn't test it already)

Just a few comments:
+/* ACTION_NONE on left/right prevents crashes / unwanted exits to menu */
What kind of crash does it prevent exactly?

Also is it a problem to give us your real name? (You should be able to edit your flyspray account)

Name updated.

I had a few problems with the device spontaneously turning off in the recording screen (or just after exiting same), but that doesn't seem to happen now, so I have removed the ACTION_NONE on right and updated the comment. I'm assuming it was a conflict which I unwittingly fixed by removing something else.

This patch also turns on HAVE_HOTKEY for the Clip, but remains entirely untested there.


Here is a precompiled build for the original Clip -

Here is one for the Clip+ -

I'll update these, at the same link, every so often. At the time of posting, the Clip build has still *never* been tested - you were warned. :-)

I am looking for a new keymap but my ideas are quite different by yours.
I'll tell you mine cause i am a novice and i don't know really how can i contribute i am studying rockbox forum structure :)

However i found 2 big issue on the Clip Plus Rocboxed:

1) The key lock function is inituitive and difficult cause on RB is actually [HOME+SELECT]. This needs two hand to be acrtivated, and can be pressed by accidet when you have your player in a pocket, for example.

In a new key map i would prefer a locking similar to the original, with only 1 key to press a long, or a combination that can be pressed with one finger ( example [home] +[home] + [home] three times quite quickly.

2) I miss a lot the Sansa menu style that allow to return to palying screen with the home key. On rockbox we have a lot of feature but cannot come back with only 1 key to reproduction screen.
I'd like to do this things.

Antoher things is that between WPS screen and menu doesnìt exist a "remember folder" option: i mean for example while hearing music, to go in the theme menu and change WPS theme. I go to WPS to check it and after i want come back again to themes menu, but i come back to general menu and have to navigate again to themes menu manually.

My english is terrible i know, but i hope thatn someone understand what i want to say and i hope could see on a future patch!!!

However very good job Micheal, i am going to try it on a clip+ 8gb with 3.7.1 release.

If i had problem i can unistall, right?

Your English is fine, don't sweat it. ;-)

Yes, the patch should apply fine to the 3.7.1 source (although I haven't tried it, it doesn't really change anything apart from the keymap, so it's unlikely to suddenly stop working unless another keymap is made default).

The easiest way to test it, though, would be to just unzip the archive from my last post onto the root directory of your Clip. To change it back, just install a normal Rockbox build the same way.

Your specific points:

1) You could change that - it would be fairly easy. I haven't though, and in fact I prefer the RB way of setting the keylock, now that I'm used to it.

2) My keymap does exactly that! Just hold 'home' :-)

When you're in the menu, try pressing 'home' and 'select' to get back to the WPS. Now if you press 'select' it should take you back to where you were in the menu (this applies to normal RB - not to my build. In my build, hold 'home' instead).

Hi! Tested.
Working fine i suppose, but maybe i find some little bug or problem…

1) i can't find how change locking keys… maybe i am too stupid to do this! :DDD

2) more serious i open a cover, and i cant come back. Quit menu appears only WHILE pressing [power] but i cant confirm or going out. I had to turn off and restart.

3) Can you explain me what is rapid files change key? And when i use it?

4) very good the possibility to custom our key from menu, let's intorduce more option is possible?

The only thing i find is that IN MY (VERY) LITTLE OPINION could be possible to find a better combination about keys/menu. But probably i thought you are quite obliged by compiling and programming limits.

If you want i stuided a possible second version of keymap, i can write to you if you want.

For the rest all seems to work properly on my clip plus, unless cover / pictureflow problem. PS i opened a jpg cover.

Let me knows about your thinking and if you think to solve pictureflow/cover bug!

Good luck!

Another little thing: in the radio if i use scansion mode pressing right or left i can change station.
But if i swith to memorized screen and press lef/right radio reproduction is disturbed, as the palyer try to change however station manually and not by preset.
I precise that i try without other preset: i have only one radio, and pressing right/left make unghanged channel but reproductions clearly being disturbed!

+1 vote for inclusion of this patch into main branch for future release.
This new keymap is way better than current one for sansa clip plus.
I've been extensively testing this patch with current builds for the last four weeks and it works just fine on my clip+
Thanks, Michael.

Installed the patched version and it seems to work well. Having a way to get back to WPS is an improvement over the current build and something that I found frustrating. Haven't had a chance to test properly yet, but it is looking good. Thanks for your efforts.


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