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Attached to Project: Rockbox
Opened by rd1381 - 2010-11-05

FS#11726 - sometimes rockbox restarts and battery gets empty when changing tracks

sometimes when i click on next(or previous) button a couple of times , rockbox gets stuck and then anfter 3 or 4 secs ,it restarts .then when loaded the battery is empty.
i am not sure if this is a rockbox related issue or hardware realated cause i use my ipod for file transfer mainly .and this issue existed from version 3.3 till now( i cont know or remember about before that).

is there a way that i can somehow debug (trace) this issue?

This sounds to me like you're experiencing two distinct issues:

1. Rockbox crashing on multiple prev / next button presses. This sounds like a dirskip issue, see FS#10109 (though I'm not sure if that issue isn't outdated, but the task is still open)
2. The Ipod on startup recognizing the wrong battery level. See  FS#10107  for this. Or does it start up fine but the battery level shown is wrong? That could also be caused by the battery being drained due to several disk spinups and the battery being somewhat old.

know that i check again it more random that that. it happened today when i was listening to some song and it happened in middle of song.
a better description is this:
1-rockbox restarts.
(this could be because suddenly rockbox thinks that battery is empty)
2- when staring again it show that battery is empty even when loading in iPod.
3- after letting it be for a while and starting it again it show that battery is almost full.and everything is normal till this happens again.

i think its a hardware related issue but i am not sure. can rockbox somehow manipulate battery or battery interface or something like that cause after restarting battery level is empty even in apple iPod interface.
the weird part is that after letting iPod be for a while , it somehow thinks that it has recharged

I have the same problem whith the same player, and I'm going to come back to the 3.6 version while the developers can solve this :/ . This bug starts to apear when i change form 3.6 to 3.7

i think my problem is a hardware one cause i see my battery wrong in ipod os too so maybe its my battery or ipod hardware error

I'm using 3.6 version now and problem solved again :S
Something don't work propertly on 3.7

PD: I have iPod 5G 30GB

I've been noticing this problem as well, also with an iPod 5G 30GB. It seems to happen more frequently when I'm listening to some of the video game music formats (NSF, SPC, etc), but that might just be because I listen to those more often than MP3s these days. When it occurs, it'll usually only run for about 5 to 10 minutes at most, before restarting. If it's not plugged in when it restarts, it'll show the battery as empty, but I typically leave it plugged in, so it just says it's charging.

If I turn on the hold switch when it restarts, to get back into the Apple firmware, the battery shows basically empty for about 5 to 10 seconds before registering properly. It started happening after I updated Rockbox a couple months ago, I had gone for quite q while without an update, so I didn't know what version to blame it on. Given the comments here, I'll roll it back to 3.6 and see if it works properly. The only trouble is that I really like the game music improvements that have happened lately, and I'd hate to lose them!

Given that the comments so far have all been for 5G iPods using 3.7 or greater, it's probably a hardware problem that's triggered by something in the software, so I'll see if I can work through some of the commits between 3.6 and 3.7 to see if I can narrow down where the problem is. I've been meaning to test the development environment I have up and running, and this'll give me a chance to make sure I can compile Rockbox properly, without worrying about adding any features myself yet. :)


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