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Attached to Project: Rockbox
Opened by Stummi - 2010-11-13
Last edited by Stummi - 2010-11-25

FS#11757 - (rockboy) various changes

good evening people,

after my last patch was acceptet I continued my work on rockboy, so there are some more changes now :)

At first, there is an new "autosave"-option now. If this is turned on, rockboy will make automatically an savegame ("snapshot") on exiting. When rockboy gets load with this rom the next time, this savegame gets also automatically loaded.

Then, there are some various minor changes:
- I shortened the time for the splash-messages on sartup to 0. So, for example "Loading savedata…" is only showed so long as rockboy realy needs for it. This shortens the startup-process of rockboy for a few seconds. I also removed the filedescriptor from the splash "Opening…" by the way, because i did not see the sense in showing this.
- I increased the options for "max frameskip", because 6 is not realy enough for example at some szenes in zelda - oracle of ages
- I changed the stats-option a little bit. Instead of On and Off there are now the options "Short", "Long" and "Off".. Long is like the "On"-Option therefore. the Short-Version shows only the two numbers but not the text. (When you know the meaning of the numbers you don't need to show it)
- I added an Reset-option to the menu. This resets the emulator, like you would it turn off and on again.

Have Fun,

Closed by  Stummi
2010-11-25 12:47
Reason for closing:  Accepted

oups, forgot to close file-handles on sn_load and _save. Fixed this now.

And I noticed, that could rockboy crash now if you try to load it with an older config file (what could happens when you just update rockboy) because that has changed since there is now one more option which is stored there. In this case you have do delete the /.rockbox/rockboy/options-file. (Yes, this is not realy a user-frindly way, but maybe someone will have an idea how to catch this problem)

teru commented on 2010-11-14 04:24

please do not put several changes into one patch. one functional chage per one patch is prefferred, as it is easier to read the patch.

Ok, didn't know that. thanks for the notice. I wan't sure if it would right to open 5 tasks simultaneously, when the most of the changes are minor.

shall I open new tasks for this changes now? When yes, this one could be closed


teru commented on 2010-11-14 10:04

you can open multiple tasks, or attach multiple patches to one task. either should be fine.

I splitted the patch into 5 files now.

Meaning of the files:

rockboy_max_frameskip.patch increases the options for the "max frameskip"-option. Instead of up to 6 you can chose up to 15 now. I did this, becaus 6 were not enought on some cases for me. (For example zelda - oracle of ages has some szenes, which are very cpu-intensive and which not need any user-interactions. They have an frameskip of 10-12 for me on my sansa fuze v2 now)

rockboy_reset.patch adds a reset-option to the menu. This option will reset the emulator, so as you would turn you gameboy off and on again

rockboy_shortstats.patch changes the stat-option. Instead of "On" and "Off", you have "Long", "Short" and "Off" now. Long is the same as on in therefore. If you chose Short, you will only see the two numbers (FPS and Frameskip) without the explaination.

rockboy_splashfix.patch changes the time of showing the splashes to 0. They took the most time on loading rockboy, and now they are just viewed as long realy needed.

and, at least, my personal favourite :)
rockboy_snpashot.patch adds a "autosave"-entry to the option-menu. If you turn this on, rockboy will automatically save the game on exiting. When you start rockboy the next time with this rom, this savegame is also automatically loaded.
For the snapshot-patch, please notice:
Rockboy may crashes, when you try to load it with an option-file with the old version, because it changed in the new version. You may need to delete the .rockbox/rockboy/options file. I don't realy have an idea yet how to make this easier/user-frindly.
for some reason rockboy does not build for correct, when you just apply this patch and type make over an older build - there are no compile-errors, but the simulator crashes after changing the autosave-option. On this case you have to delete the "apps/plugins/rockboy/"-directory on your build-dir or type "make clean" (second way needs much time to rebuild, why i would prefere the first way)

Each of the patch is made from current svn-trunk. So you just have to apply the patch with the -p0 option.
unfortunately you can't apply all patches successive without some rework, because they conflicts. But if you want to have all patches, you could just use the patch on my first comment here, this should be the same.



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