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Attached to Project: Rockbox
Opened by some-xtc - 2010-12-19

FS#11816 - M:Robe 500: Touchscreen works with glitches

Version: r28861
Used before: r26706


with r28861the touchscreen works with glitches.
When I touch a line-item , the system sometimes don't react or the line selector just "twinkle".

My conjecture:
It has somethin to do with the new "kinetic-scroll"-feature, because after a little kinetic-scroll the touch become precise.

(And yes, I've done a calibration: no effect)

I'm no native English speaker, could you please elaborate what you mean with "don't react or the line selector just "twinkle""? Thanks in advance.

MikeS commented on 2010-12-20 03:17

I'm a native English speaker and I need some help understanding that too. Twinkling sounds interesting though, especially so close to X-mas.

lately it was too late for a correct spelling …. :-D

Second attempt:
When I touch a line-item, the system shows sometimes either
(1.) no reaction
(2.) the line selector (type: bar) flashes briefly.

If I change under "Theme Settings → Line Selector Type" to "Pointer", the (2.) problem is eliminated, but (1.) still exists.

I assume (1) happens particularly after entering the context menu. is that right?


(1) happens the hole time.
For example when I navigate through the database.

I attached a video file done with my mobile.

As you see, the first fews attempt resulted only a flashing by the line selector.
After I done a kinetic-scroll it worked fine.

After I done a kinetic-scroll it worked fine for once.

Strange, I cannot reproduce what the video shows. Perhaps it's something limited to the mr500?


I'm testing now the current build (r28878) and the things seems to be better.

But still: the mr500 sometimes ignores my comando, or even worse: he's "oversensible" and he navigates me where I don't wanted to be.

I even believe too, that he does not exactly know, when the user want a kinetic scroll or just want go to the next child entry.

I think, here need to be some fine-adjustments done…

It's possible that the touchscreen isn't very reliable on the mr500. We've had that with the cowon d2 and the ondas as well.

Navigating through Rockbox works just fine on RaaA where the unreliability is handled by the OS (and the applications sees sane values).

Yea, looking at it, it doesn't do the "read 5 samples, sort them and pick the one in the middle" thing our other touchscreen targets do, so I suspect this bug can also be only fixed in the driver.


I looked into this and added support for averaging the number of reads (I have it set to 9 with a median filter right now). I am able to reproduce this problem still.

I can also reproduce it in the simulator. It looks like there are problems with the button hold as well.

To reproduce:

1) Compile an MR500 Sim and set it up with the CleanGreen theme.
2) Long hold on Files (note that it goes into a second level when the click is released - this is another bug)
3) Click Context Menu, then File View to get back to the top-level menu.
4) Try to click settings (note that the first click does not work)

Additionally I can reproduce this issue by simply entering "Files" then going back to the top-level menu and clicking settings, with a slight mouse movement while clicking (less than the scroll threshold which I believe is 22 pixels on the MR500. I can get this to happen with less than a 16 pixel move). Using a finger to select an entry could easily result in this amount of movement.

I will commit the averaging in the driver, but this problem appears to be at a higher level.

I'm aware of the problems you mention, but I hope fixing the touchscreen driver solves the reported problems I'm not able to reproduce.


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