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Opened by Mavo159 - 2011-02-23
Last edited by sideral - 2011-05-30

FS#11962 - Player and Filetransfer freeze during USB file transfer

The interface of my Sansa Fuze and the file transfer freeze randomly when transferring large amounts of data. If the player runs in Bootloader USB mode everything is fine.

I guess this could break the vfat file system, making this a nasty bug. Disabling Key and Mouseemulation did not help. As long as this isn't fixed, a solution would be to start the player in Bootloader USB mode by default. I don't know if this is possible though, since I don't know the the technical details of rockbox very well.

Beside that everything works just great, keep up the good word!

PS.: I'm using Debian with different kernels. I couldn't see any differences between different kernel versions regarding this issue. Intels Linux USB drivers and the Linux USB stack in general usually work excellent as far as I know, therefore I would blame it on rockbox (no offense :)).

I couldn't find a matching task type for this, maybe so should add one… …or I missed it (sorry).

mball commented on 2011-05-12 18:57

I'm getting the same problem, although I'm seeing the problem when using the Bootloader USB mode too. The connection is suddenly lost, the Fuze doesn't respond anymore, and it needs to be forcefully shut down (holding off position for about 10 seconds).

mball commented on 2011-05-12 18:58

I forgot to mention, this problem appears to still be present in Release 3.8.1.

This sounds like it's simply file system caching by the host OS: I've experienced such "random freezes" during transfers on different setups (slow network drive). After waiting for a while (i.e. giving the cache some time to get written to the slow drive) everything was ok again. What exactly is "interface" in this domain? In USB mode the player shows a USB logo and you can't control it so I'm not sure what could freeze during USB connection.

mball commented on 2011-05-12 19:35

It's definitely not the OS. Halfway through the transfer the USB connection drops, and there is no more response from the device.

When the device is in USB mode you can still control it: hitting the Home key for instance changes the mode between settings like "Multimedia", "Browser", "Mouse" etc. However once the problem occurs you can no longer do this. Disconnecting the device from the computer also does nothing: if the player were still responsive it would eventually go back to the main menu screen, but it doesn't.

mball commented on 2011-05-30 10:21

I have just downgraded to 3.7.1 and cannot reproduce this issue, so it definitely looks like a problem introduced in 3.8 (and still present in 3.8.1).

This is a Fuze V1 issue, right? Because we don't officially support USB for the Fuze V2 yet.

Adapting the Player Type field.

I can confirm this issue with Rockbox 3.9 (normal release) on the Sansa (v1). Happens on 2 computers, one with win7 32bit, one with win7 64bit. Only a reset (hold on button for 10 sec) will make the device work again.


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