FS#11997 - Album Art corrupted since 3.8 with some WPS

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Opened by Reiner Zufall (junkie) - Tuesday, 08 March 2011, 11:24 GMT
Last edited by Andree Buschmann (Buschel) - Thursday, 22 December 2011, 19:34 GMT
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Operating System Iriver H300 series
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Reported Version Release 3.8
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Album art display is corrupted if taken from a separate image (i.e. cover.bmp or cover.jpg)
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Closed by  Andree Buschmann (Buschel)
Thursday, 22 December 2011, 19:34 GMT
Reason for closing:  Out of Date
Additional comments about closing:  No further info since 9 months.
2013-11-21: A request to re-open the task has been made. Reason for request: FYI, still happening with 3.12 and 75x75 cover.bmp artwork and Cabbie Enhanced+ theme. 75x75 artwork works fine with cabbiev2, but needs to be at least 100x100 to work with Enhanced+. I haven't tried 3.13 as I'm not sure that the 10 band EQ will work with my old H3xx.
Comment by Reiner Zufall (junkie) - Tuesday, 08 March 2011, 18:29 GMT
Correction: It only affects bmp files. Might be an issue with scaling them.
Comment by Andree Buschmann (Buschel) - Tuesday, 08 March 2011, 19:36 GMT
I did a quick test with the simulator and a cover.bmp file. There is no issue, even not when rescaling the bmp. v3.8 introduced embedded album art, does you file have a tag containing such embedded image?
Comment by Reiner Zufall (junkie) - Wednesday, 09 March 2011, 16:38 GMT
Hi Andree,
I've attached two files that get corrupted on display. In one case the music files are ogg vorbis, in the other they are mp3 without embedded album art.
Comment by Andree Buschmann (Buschel) - Wednesday, 09 March 2011, 19:27 GMT
Hmm, both files do not have any issue on my sim (iPod nano 2g). Both are scaling to 100x100 for my WPS.

Did you try to use a current svn to crosscheck whether you bug might be related to v3.8 only?
Comment by Reiner Zufall (junkie) - Thursday, 10 March 2011, 08:35 GMT
The files did display correctly with 3.7.1. The corruption started with 3.8. Now I'm running r29539 and the problem persists. Also I tried two WPS: Air (my standard one) and Cabbie Enhanced+ to check if it might be an incompatibility in the theme. The problem seems to be independent of the WPS used.
Comment by Reiner Zufall (junkie) - Thursday, 10 March 2011, 08:52 GMT
Just tried with Cabbie V2 and that did display the album art OK. Have there been changes to handling the album art WPS code from 3.7.1 to 3.8 and later?
Comment by David Bitseff (bitsed) - Friday, 11 March 2011, 00:59 GMT
I've also noticed that album art isn't working with some themes as of 3.8 on my Ipod Nano 1G. I'm running r29534 right now. It appears that themes using image sizes of 100x100 or 65x65 will scale the image and display it on the WPS screen without a problem, but themes using other image sizes don't display the album image.
Comment by David Bitseff (bitsed) - Friday, 11 March 2011, 03:45 GMT
I tested a couple of other themes for the nano 1g. It looks like the album art will work for any of the wps files I tried as long as I reboot rockbox after loading the wps file, so I don't think the problem is dependent on the wps image size.
Comment by Andree Buschmann (Buschel) - Friday, 11 March 2011, 07:02 GMT
Reiner, David, can each of you please attach a theme that shows this error? Maybe also screenshot or photo of the corrupted bitmap?
Maybe this is also related to  FS#11911 ...
Comment by Reiner Zufall (junkie) - Friday, 11 March 2011, 17:30 GMT
Andree, here are two pictures (hopefully clear enough as the camera didn't allow me to go closer) of my H300's display. One (11032011018.jpg) is with Cabbie V2 theme, showing the album art as it is supposed to look. The other (11032011016.jpg) is with Air theme, showing the same album art (same bmp file) but corrupted.

As you can see it doesn't look anything like  FS#11911 . Could it be that upscaling is broken in 3.8+, while downscaling and no scaling are still OK?
Comment by Andree Buschmann (Buschel) - Saturday, 12 March 2011, 08:27 GMT
I can upscale or downscale those images without any issue on my nano 2g sim. Therefor I do not think this is a general issue. I will try to get some WPS-specialist involved here.
Comment by David Bitseff (bitsed) - Saturday, 12 March 2011, 17:07 GMT
My problem with the album art images is that they either display correctly or not at all. This sounds like a different issue from Reiner's problem. I'll submit a separate bug report when I can find a consistent way to duplicate the problem.
Comment by Reiner Zufall (junkie) - Friday, 18 March 2011, 08:53 GMT
I tried reproduce this with the rockbox simulator for the H300. The album art displays correctly with Cabbie V2. However, the WPS of Air would not display, i.e. the background and the fixed part at the top are there OK, but the main section with album art and song info and status part at the bottom do not appear. Those are replaced by text-only default standard.

So, Cabbie V2 works on both, H300 and simulator. Air works on H300 but with gobbled-up album art as in 11032011018.jpg above and does not load properly on the simulator. I didn't yet try a back-to-back with Cabbie Enhanced+.

As it all used to work with 3.7.1, can someone please explain what has changed in WPS interpretation from 3.7.1 to 3.8?
Comment by Reiner Zufall (junkie) - Tuesday, 22 March 2011, 11:55 GMT
As a workaround I'm going to update all my album art to JPGs, which are larger than used in the WPS. This means they down-scale properly. MusicBrainz Picard is great for doing that. Using those small BMPs was anyway a bit outdated ;-)
Comment by Andree Buschmann (Buschel) - Wednesday, 27 July 2011, 06:18 GMT
Is this still happening? If so, can you please provide the theme that causes those errors?