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Attached to Project: Rockbox
Opened by reszerve - 2011-05-05

FS#12099 - FM Radio Screen Lines Don't Scroll

On the default FM radio screen only the pre-set name line appears to scroll if wider than the screen. Other lines don't. This occurs on all releases tested up to current r29824-110504.

To reproduce, set to a large font and go to the FM Radio (I use 32 Terminus Bold - I want to read the screen when not wearing glasses, but it still occurs to a degree with fonts smaller than this).

Example display:
Station: 101.3 ("MHz" not visible - no scrolling)
Mode: Scan
Signal Strength (": nn dBμV" not visible - no scrolling)

The default FM screen doesn't allow these lines to scroll and if they would, I suspect that the content wouldn't update correctly anyway, especially the signal strength value line. (I'm basing this off of my knowledge about dynamic content on scrolling lines in the WPS and the radio skin engine uses the same code - e.g. try putting numeric volume display on a scrolling line doesn't work too well - see also an old bug which is not easy to fix). So I could imagine this was left out on purpose.

I attached the default FMS as a separate file so you could try this yourself by putting %s on the lines that you want to scroll and load it as radio screen, the file needs to be placed under .rockbox/wps on your player before. Maybe you could also think of a different design that keeps the important info on the screen even with a big font on non-scrolling lines?

If you feel adventurous you could play around with it and in case you aren't familiar with it yet, the manual and the CustomWPS page in our wiki ( ) get you started. Keep in mind though that this is only the built-in simple FMS that should basically be text only and shouldn't have more lines as it is already tight on some targets with small screens even with their default font-

Thanks for that. It also incidentally answered a question I hadn't found the answer to yet - what is the declaration to display the signal strength. Maybe this is now in the manual.

My first thoughts on the default FM screen are there are several built in issues that appear to need code changes?:
- the word "Station" is wrong, the station is the name you can write in the preset, this is actually the Frequency.
- "Signal strength" is unnecessarily long, just "Signal" would do, especially as the "dBuV" makes it plain this is a measure of signal (this change alone solves my issue with the signal strength not displaying!).
- "dBuV" is incorrect, it is "dBµV" where µ is the Greek Mu stands for "micro" as in microvolts. Hope this isn't being to picky…..or is this a code page issue, µ can't be used? I got a bad symbol when I tried changing it.

When I think about it a bit longer and note that the default screen only occupies about half the height of the gigabeat's portrait oriented screen even with a large font, it seems to me the default has been created for the Landscape screens many players have. The portrait screen on the gigabeat could place items on separate lines to avoid wrapping. Even using the large font I use the following fits:

%s%?Ti<%Ti. |>%?Tn<%Tn|%Tf>
%tf MHz %?St(force fm mono)<%Sx(Force Mono)|%?ts<%Sx(Stereo)|%Sx(Mono)» %Sx(Mode:)
%Sx(Signal strength:)
%tr dBuV

I'd like to change the mode line back to a single line, but get it reading <Preset/Scan> Mode rather than Mode: <Preset/Scan>, but I couldn't get this to work.

I also tried adding %s to the frequency and signal strength lines. It works fine with the frequency but not the signal strength. I think the issue is that the Preset name and frequency are updated correctly on station change and stay fixed until the next station change, while signal strength is truly dynamic, needing to update often, but using %s it gets locked to the initial value at the moment the station was selected.

Thanks again, at least I now have a custom FM screen that meets my needs!


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