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Opened by Anonymous Submitter - 2003-04-17
Last edited by bagder - 2003-12-05

FS#1224 - what stop button? [on recorder]

section 6.4.1 of the new manual includes:

STOP Exits Recording Screen. If Recording a file, stop

unfortunately, however, there does not appear to be a
Stop button/key on my archos jukebox recorder. so when
i tested 2.0 out last nite, i wound up having to reboot
to get out of recording mode, wh/ is inelegant at best.

is there another way to get recording to
stopxxxterminate? if so, what is it? [and how soon
can the manual reflect it?] or is there a button/key
that is ‘the’ stop button/key and i just can’t find it?

if so, where is it?  [and how soon can the manual 

make it clear to future readers where it is?]

b/t/w, if, as i suspect, there isn’t a stop button on
the recorders in general or at least the ‘archos
jukebox recorder’ in particular, there are some other
places in the manual that mention it on the
recorder/recording thread wh/ also need fixing.

unless, of course, the reason i got my 15gb ajr at a
nice rebated price at circuit city is that it’s a
member of the batch that They forgot to put the stop
buttons on and everybody else w/ an ajr does have a
stop button….

thanks and cheers, mike padlipsky

[please let me know directly if there is a way to stop
recording w/out a stop button and w/out rebooting; i
don’t feel up to signing up/logging in over the issue,
but i would like to get on w/ my digitize-my-vinyl
project using rockbox rather than dumb old archos os
1.28 a.s.a.p.]

Closed by  bagder
2003-12-05 12:45
Reason for closing:  Works For Me

The STOP button is the same as the POWER OFF button. You must
have used it to power off the unit in your above description. Just press it
and release it, instead of holding it down for several seconds

Anonymous Submitter commented on 2003-04-17 08:30

egads! could’ve sworn i’d tried a short push last nite, but
apparently – based on the tests i just performed – it was
too short and the next push was too long. the 2nd time i
tried it just now, after an ineffectively short first try, i
finally managed a goldilocks touch and held it jusssst

MANY thanks for the info. think i’ll wait until tmrw to get
back to my devinylizing, tho.

of course, the documentation is still buggy, unless it does
say explicitly that stop = nottooshortbutnottoolong push on
the off button in there somewhere semihidden, at least from
my eyes.

and the mechanism, while not as inelegant as re-booting, is
still far enough from elegance that it might deserve some
attention at the technical level at some point….

thanksandcheers, map

Well I have an FM recorder, so different hardware. However I have to
say I can’t see a problem with pressing the button on my unit. You just,
well, push it, really. Same as all the other buttons!

My FM unit also has a label next to the button that says “stop (cancel)”.


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