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Attached to Project: Rockbox
Opened by bertrik - 2011-11-06
Last edited by bertrik - 2011-12-30

FS#12370 - RDS support for Si4701/Si4703 (Sansa Clip Zip proof-of-concept)

Attached patch is a proof-of-concept for RDS support for Si4701/Si4703 FM tuners. This makes the RDS station name (8 chars) and the “RadioText” (64 chars max.) show up in the WFMS on the sansa clip zip.

This is done as follows:
* The si4700 fm tuner driver is extended with functionality to attach an interrupt to the RDS-ready GPIO of the si4701/3. This interrupt wakes up a thread that reads the RDS payload from the tuner chip and calls an RDS parser to extract the relevant info. This extension is target-specific.
* A basic RDS parser is added. It aggregates the separate RDS packets into complete RDS messages and keeps a copy of the most recent valid messages. This module is designed to be hardware/target-independent.

Stuff that needs to be done:
* #ifdef the target-specific stuff in the si4700 driver
* #ifdef HAVE_RDS_CAP the RDS-specifc stuff
* Somehow the WFMS shows the most recent RDS info only after pressing a button
* There are now two threads accessing the si4700 hardware: the ui thread through the tuner_get() call, and the rds thread when responding to an RDS event from the si4700.

Closed by  bertrik
2011-12-30 00:01
Reason for closing:  Accepted
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Latest patch from this task has been committed.

MikeS commented on 2011-11-06 13:24

Other threads have accessed the tuners in small ways for awhile when changing inputs. They probably should be mutexed as a rule. Same goes for audio drivers.

MikeS commented on 2011-11-06 18:14

Added support for i.MX31 with a thread for the time being just to see it go. Really hate that flag setting stuff (rds_event) so I took it out :-D – too much ping pong. FM Radio debug screen shows the info on update instead. Thread sync tuner driver. Proper masking/unmasking of GPIO interrupts to avoid a mad amount of spurious ones while tuner isn’t powered. Split things apart into low-level hardware support (preliminary crap in my mind). Probably needs more sensible abstraction yet.

What’s odd is 4701 isn’t supposed to have RDS according to the docs that I obtained but it works anyway. Go figure!

EDIT: Missed discarding a return point and left the mutex locked in si4700_set. Replaced attachment.

The datasheet says that if too many errors were corrected, one need to discard the packet. Concretly, in si4700_rds_read_raw, one need to read register 0xA and if bits 9:10=0b11 then it means 6+ errors were corrected and the function should return false.

MikeS commented on 2011-11-06 22:42

This one corrects the mutex init oversight as reasonably as possible and brings back the RADIO_EVENT for now. Still the skin doesn’t seem to get prompt updates of it’s dynamic fields for RDS on gigabeat S.

@amaury: Are you saying verbose mode is obligatory (needed to read the bits)? I thought it would not pull the line low unless it had a valid packet. I did try that technique and still had errors anyway.

Could there be a standards difference here in the US/Canada region from where you’re at? For basic info, I seem to get alot of nonsense or parts of radio text as they arrive.

RDS should probably clear itself periodically or it can get stale if nothing new arrives for awhile (bad reception after good reception for one).

No I misread, the verbose mode is not necessary, it could only bring faster updates at best but would lead to more interrupts so not sure if it’s worth enabling it.

Attached file updated the v3 patch with the following:
* correct reset of the rds parser at rds_reset (more thorough)
* simplify the mutexes in si4700 a bit, add a mutex for rds_radio_event
* disable RDS before powering down the tuner (errata for si4703 C19)
* simplify si4700_detect a bit
* add #ifdef HAVE_RDS_CAP around the rds specific bits

MikeS commented on 2011-11-13 05:27

Perhaps a TUNER_CAPS bitmask define should be used to get rid of any target checking inside for things like the mono/stereo interrupt, RDS and special use of the internal oscillator? Of course, that could be done later /

MikeS commented on 2011-11-16 07:23

I forgot to mention you should “#define TARGET_EXTRA_THREADS 1” so that mpegplayer suddenly doesn’t fail to initialize. Any patch which has special threads for a target or targets should do that.

Attached patch adds the TARGET_EXTRA_THREADS and also fixes the si4700_st prototype in the gigabeat-s fmradio interface code.

Patch update:
* Simplify return value from rds_process from an enum to a bool (maybe we can differentiate later between ps and rt updates)
* Update radio.c so the check for a radio event is moved out of the switch-case which handles buttons, this makes RDS update as soon as it comes in (instead of requiring a button press), I’m not really familiar with the radio code, so please review this.
* Report RDS only if a new message comes in that is actually different from the previous one. This prevents identical incoming RDS messages from resetting the scrolling on the radio text.

MikeS commented on 2011-11-20 23:20

The RDS tags are supposed to be dynamic but that doesn’t seem to be working properly on the normal refresh. Really I think that update flag stuff shouldn’t be required. It didn’t help with much of anything.

RDS support has now been ready for several weeks, but seems to be stuck on the issue that the RDS station name and text isn’t getting updated automatically in the WFMS.
The update flag stuff was there before (used also by the ipod fm remote) and I don’t want to add another dependency (figuring out whether we need the update flag or not) before we can get RDS in.

I propose to keep the update flag for now, make the RDS tags static (since they don’t seem to work as dynamic and nobody’s looking at this issue anyway) and force a SKIN_REFRESH_ALL in case the RDS flag indicates new RDS data.

I’m fine with any changes you wish to make later to the update flag mechanism, but at least let’s get it in in some working shape.

MikeS commented on 2011-12-09 18:28


hehe, someone yelled? :)
I fail to see why the skins not updating correctly is a blocker for this. commit and open a bug.
I’m not even sure if radio stations out here provide RDS so even if i had hardware im not sure i could debug. Does the sim show the same broken behaviour?

I also suspect that the %s in the fms on the rds lines is breaking it. skins don’t update dynamic text very often.. try removeing them from apps/radio/radio+skin.c lines 57,58

I have 3 stations broadcasting their names, but there’s no dynamic content.

MikeS commented on 2011-12-14 03:48

“Not very often” seemed like minutes to me yet we have a nice, quick stereo/mono indicator.

r31247 should unblock you :)

I plan to commit this shortly, to get a basic working framework in SVN, with minor issues to be solved later.


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