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Opened by StephenCarroll - 2011-11-17
Last edited by bertrik - 2012-05-20

FS#12390 - Sansa Clip Zip Cabbiev2 Port

Ported from the iRiver H10 5gb version.
Resized icons with The Gimp.

Attched screenshots.

Haven’t provided this as a patch because I’m not near my dev machine this week.


Closed by  bertrik
2012-05-20 10:23
Reason for closing:  Accepted

Looks nice! Some of the icons on the bottom don't appear to be aligned for me though (too high).

Ok I think I have the shuffle icon fixed to line 85. The repeat icon tho on 85 is too low and exposes the background grey of the icon.
See the various screenshots of the various lines I have the repeat icon on and then both icons off. Starting on line 83 then going up to 85.
I think this is the last bit that needs to be fixed.
What line looks the best for the repeat icon ?

   83.png (6.2 KiB)
   84.png (6.2 KiB)
   85.png (6.3 KiB)
   off.png (6.1 KiB)

Ok hopefully this has fixed the icons, it was the wpsbackdrop grey icons that were too high so have fixed them now.
All icons are on line 85, also lowered the lock icon as that appeared too high also.

Here's my patch to add this theme as the default theme, which means shuffling files around a bit and adding stuff to WPSLIST.

After a completely fresh install, the clip zip still appears to have everything about the cabbiev2 theme applied (background, colours, wps, selection bar etc.), except for the font. Re-loading the cabbiev2 theme fixes that. The font used after a fresh install appears to be the default specified in apps/settings_list.c.
It appears I don't completely understand the themeing thing yet.

You also need to tell the settings code which font to default to, since we don't actually load the theme file on startup. I think this will work (untested since I don't have a zip sim handy).

Locking the player on the WPS results in the notification of locking popup getting stuck in the background until you leave the screen and come back. Perhaps a minor annoyance, but an annoyance nonetheless. The theme is great, otherwise!

That seems to be a problem with other clips aswell. And not just with this theme on the Clip Zip either.

Confirmed to be a problem on the Fuze+ as well, regardless of the theme, as well as the Clip+.
Both running r31589-120105.
Perhaps an issue with the graphics driver? Re-drawn regions cover the "Buttons Locked" text when the popup disappears, e.g. album art on the Fuze+.

Stephen, I've incorporated your work into git (but not in the rockbox git archive yet).
Can you have a look at the changes to the .wps file suggested by Jonathan Gordon in ?


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