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Attached to Project: Rockbox
Opened by BruceBanner - 2012-01-16

FS#12541 - Lrc Plugin crashes.

I have a Sansa Clip+, Clip Zip and Fuze V2 all running various RB versions. The crash happens on all of them.

To focus I will use the Clip Zip (as its close at hand) and tell you what it does.
I get:

Prefetch abort
at 9D8DE9B4
FSR 0x11
(domain 1, fault

on a white background screen

This happens when trying to use the lrc plugin on the clip zip running RB version 4.0 (r31646-120109) and accessing a sandisk 16gb sd card that is 12.5gb full.
But i can confirm i get this message (or a similar one) on my fuze v2 and clip+ which are running 'stable' albeit older versions of rockbox (again from sd cards). I mention the sd cards but im 90% sure it happens on songs on the internal memory also.

I suspect it has something to do with my mp3 files having lyrics embedded within them but not as .lrc files. All i can explain is this:
I use wiki lyrics to find lyrics for songs and then right click copy them and use Tag&Rename and Paste into the mp3 file and save.

Using this method works fine for displaying lyrics when using ipad2's stock music player (pre iOS5) and androids app Poweramp for Samsung galaxy S2 phones and Creatives Ziio 7 tablet (running poweramp). This method also works for my Pc when running foobar and using the 'TextDisplay' component. The Text Display Format in foobar settings are $if2(%unsynced lyrics%,No lyrics available)

It should be noted that when using poweramp and choosing 'Lyrics' it asks where u want to choose to read the lyrics from:
-Auto (from tags if available, otherwise via musixmatch plugin)
-Musixmatch plugin
-From tags

I select the last option (from tags) always and it never fails. ipads player seems to also use this method. The lyrics do not scroll automatically, u need to scroll up and down to read them (should they be longer than the visible screen).

Occasionally lrc plugin wont crash if it actually finds a lrc file embedded in song and works fine. But this rarely happens, perhaps only 10% of my collection has lrc files embedded within them, soon as it goes to next track without one it produces this error.

I just did it again for a different file and a different error.

Prefetch abort
at A0A0EE94
FSR 0x11
(domain 1, fault

and so on so forth.

I'm aware that the sansa zip port is not yer finalised or stable but i can assure you it does the same thing on later stable versions of RB (3.8 etc) on clip+ and fuze v2 also.

Without a link to the file its difficult for anyone to look into the problem you're having.

Hi there, sorry i'm new at this whole bug reporting thing. What do u mean 'link to the file', are you saying you wish to know specifics about the mp3 files that are causing these crashes? Or do you mean to say rockbox stores a log error somewhere when crashes occur? How can i assist further?

I mean a link to the actual file that causes the problem. Right now only you have it, so fixing it is up to you alone. Either upload the file and hope someone else takes a look at it, or fix it yourself and give us the code :)


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