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Attached to Project: Rockbox
Opened by sssUSER - 2012-04-29

FS#12658 - Sansa Fuze v2 / AMSv2 soft freezing or crashing

Not sure how long this chronic bug has gone on but at least before the dubious move to git from subversion. I have had trouble on my V2s with freezing (appears like they are loading in the middle of a song but nothing is happening and you can't do anything) while playing and recently freezing when adding tracks to a playlist. I can take the microSD/transflash card out and stick it into a V1 Fuze and there is no problem, it will play forever and never crash. The V2s will crash minutes after playing, sometimes a track will finish, sometimes the same track will get stuck, one time it happened less than a second after beginning to play. No white screen of death, just a soft freeze and a blinking loading indicator. If you fiddle with it it will stop blinking and become utterly unresponsive. Have tried formatting cards, etc. V1 players work fine, V2 players are now junk under this firmware.

I don't know exactly how long this problem has been going on but it has been getting worse. Before the 30,000th SVN release, perhaps somewhere around 28000, I would be getting crashes occasionally with the V2s but nothing like this. My v2 players will unconditionally crash now after a short time. Rockbox is unusable for me on my V2 Fuze players. A lot of digging may be necessary to get to the bottom of this problem because I think it is buried under a lot of newer modifications.

I will not submit any sample music files (I know you guys always ask), this is problem exclusive to AMSv2 and I am sure by now that some Rockbox developers are aware of some issues that could be attributed to this sort of problem.

I have read some other bug posts about an SD card driver problem (one example: ), so perhaps this is part of the issue.

Can you figure out more precisely when this broke on your player? If we know the revision, it might not be too hard to fix.

Edit: Just looking at the log, this is the most recent commit touching the SD driver:;a=commit;h=307cb049485cc20140b85aa78f8e2677e8df5851

You could test before then and see if its more stable.

Thanks for your suggestion. I would think this might have happened before then (I had not updated in a while so the problems could be hiding in various places).

I was hoping someone else might be able to tack on their own experience with the issue, I don't have a lot of time to experiment with reverting patches and recompiling right now. However I can say that this is a major issue which probably deserves some attention.

I have frankly noticed that there are now more regressions in rockbox than fixes. Some of this might be attributable to a broadening of support for additional platforms or even hastiness as things become very busy for developers in their own personal lives, but whatever the reason may be, I think changes need to survive scrutiny and testing before being merged into the main rockbox source.

If its been happening since last year, and so far only a handful of people have noticed, its probably specific to some players or SD cards. You may be in for a bit of a wait before someone else gets a device with the problem and looks into it.


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