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Attached to Project: Rockbox
Opened by onyxbomb - 2012-06-30

FS#12711 - Some settings do not work properly from shortcut menu

Settings such as "eq enabled" and "replaygain type" do not apply to a playing track when selected from shortcut menu, although the setting does appear to have changed when checking in the settings menu. The audio remains unchanged when changing the settings. However, when changing the same settings via the settings menu they function correctly (e.g. audio noticeably changes from loud to quiet after a few seconds).

Also, while displaying "debug info" on the wps, I noticed that %rg (replaygain value in dB) DOES change when the replaygain is changed via the shortcut menu, even though the audio doesn't change. (Both %rg and the audio change when the same setting is changed via the settings menu).

NB Some settings DO work, such as bass and treble.

Problem noticed on Sansa Clip Zip (build 2f1da04-120627), UiSimulator of Sansa Clip Zip (build fa17cb9M-120627).

Just, to add to the above: if I change one of the buggy settings from the shortcut menu, then power off then on again, the setting works. Changing a buggy setting from the shortcut menu then pausing then unpausing the track has no effect.

NB I used totally crazy equalizer settings that very obviously distort the sound, so I can quite clearly hear when the eq is on or off.


Further observations: I was using a rockboxs install that I had heavily customized (config, theme, not code), so decided to start with a fresh install (in UiSimulator, same build as above, default theme and settings). I then set some music playing, added "settings > sound settings > equalizer > eq enabled" to the shortcut menu (using the context menu), switched the eq on from the settings menu, set the "graphical eq" to some crazy values (maxed out several of the settings) so the music was clearly muffled.

What works: I switched the eq on and off a couple of times from the settings menu, and could clearly hear the sound changing from on to off and back. Same happens if I access the "eq enabled" via the context menu (and also the quickscreen, when I added the setting there).

What doesn't work: I switched the eq on and off a couple of times from the shortcuts menu, making sure to wait enough time for the setting to work. There was no change in the setting when applied from the shortcut menu. If I then power off and on again, and resume playing, then the setting is applied correctly.

This clearly does not work as expected, so after further testing I'm pretty sure this is a bug. Can someone else please give it a test, particularly on other devices?

shortcuts are a bit of a hack so its not completely surprising they dont always work. Though looking at the code now I don't see why it doesn't! :p

I'll try to have a play with this over the next few days.

OK, thanks very much Jonathan.


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