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Attached to Project: Rockbox
Opened by PeppeWeapon - 2012-09-24

FS#12755 - Sansa Clip Zip has too many problems with lossless files

Sansa Clip Zip has big problems with Lossless files. BIG.

1) Flacs skips randomly, at every encoding level (5 or 8 it's the same) and it's impossible to reproduce this issue when I want. It skips to the next track randomly
2) Ape files stops to reproducing and makes a really big noise, this after 30 sec. or 3 min… or nothing at all.
3) Wavpack files, sometimes, stucks for 0.5 seconds and then, it continues to play. It happens to Fast encoding, or Normal encoding, it's the same.
4) AAC files make little noises and, sometimes, crash Rockbox.

Flac and APE problems, I'm sure, occurs from ages, I bought Clip Zip months ago and these problem occurred for every build and ofr every Rockbox release.

I don't think that my player's broken. These problems were previously posted by other people.

I think that the testing of builds were made too hastily, there are too many problems with lossless files. I can understand APE that requires an expensive decoding, but FLAC files couldn't have these problems :(

Do your files play in the Sandisk firmware?

Flacs and AAC files? I have to try :)

Ape and WV can't play on Sandisk firmware.

First make sure the files play correctly in the sandisk firmware. Then try to come up with a way for someone else to reproduce the problem so that its possible to investigate.

Ok, FLAC files seems to run flawlessly on SanDisk Firmware, except for a 96000khz file but it's a firmware limitation.

I have to admit that I had to upgrade firmware, maybe was this the problem?

I don't know, now I'll try to reinstall Rockbox, but reproducing issue with FLAC files it's pretty difficult, almost impossible… it seems to be TOTALLY RANDOM!!

Ok, about FLAC files, for about 30/40 minutes everything seems good… but the problems occured anyway.

Ok, but maybe this issue depends on life battery? I've to try… if this problems occurs often when battery life is lower.

Anyway, AAC, Wavpack and APE are different problems, and occurs more many times that FLAC issue… I think that anyone had a Sansa Clip Zip or + can notice that problem :)

Ok, maybe I've found the problem… FLAC issue, maybe it's linked with battery life. I haven't recharged battery and, for about 40 minutes, this issue occured 3/4 times, while before only one time.

I'll use Sansa Clip without recharging and let's see if skips frequency increases.

Saratoga can you verify this?

If battery has any impact on stability, your player is totally broken.

Mmm… so, also other users that had reported that issue have broken players?

And if player was broken, why MP3 sounds good without issues?

I think that is a software problem :)

Has anyone else had this problem?

Ah ok. If the speculation in those is correct that its some problem with buffering it would be totally random. I guess in that case you'll just have to wait for someone to look into the buffering code. I'm not sure though why it only seems to affect a small number of people. I would expect that if buffering failed, it would happen to everyone.

Maybe is linked to some config? log activated?
Other strange things?

I'll continue to reproducing FLAC files without charging battery, to see if this could be the reason.

In any case, there are problems also for other lossless formats as I specified before, but FLAC shouldn't give these errors :(

Well, I've continued to test my Sansa and… ok, this issue is totally random… it's not affected by battery life.

From 70% to 50% there was NO SKIPS!! Only a little buzz in 20/25 Flac files!
Well, I power on my clip today for 30/40 minutes… two skips.

I hope that other users with this issue post config files, to understand if there's a specific option that provoke this problem.

Ok, I've tried to reproduce FLAC files after some months, waiting for new development versions… the problem still occurs.

I would like to give my contribution to resolve that problem, it's a shame that a good player like Sansa Clip Zip had this problem on Rockbox, a really shame. Nobody has done anything to fix that problem, so I would like to know if there is a way to debug, to understand what's the problem, I give you all the information about that problem, it's impossible for me to give you more informations, it's a totally random problem, but I think it's resolvable with a little of willingness. I want to contribute, in some way… unfortunately, in that moment, I'm not so practical about programming language or similar, but if there's something I can do, I want to help you.


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