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Attached to Project: Rockbox
Opened by lebellium - 2012-09-30

FS#12759 - Various RDS issues (Clip Zip, YP-R0)

I noticed various RDS-related issues on my Clip Zip and Samsung R0

1) Sansa Clip Zip
With the latest builds (for example version 341e2c4-120929) I noticed the RDS text just behaves crazy, like blinking for no reason and displaying strange characters. Besides, the RDS name won't display most of time or at least needs much time to display.
When reverting back to an older build (0c4bd3a-120406 for example), the RDS name displays quickly and for all stations now and the RDS text is just displaying and scrolling normally.
Tested and noticed with my theme lebellium Samsung -like: and with the various DFKT Minimum Zip themes (this one for example: )
screenshots of the issue:

2) Samsung YP-R0
In addition to the RDS issues reported for the Zip above that also exist on the R0, it seems that the RDS text makes the device crash after a few seconds or minutes with my theme lebellium Samsung-like (version 1.60 beta to download in attachment).
I found 2 unsatisfying ways to bypass this annoying crash:
-Remove the %s scrolling tag for the RDS text, that is to say replace "%s%ac%tz" by "%ac%tz". But that's not a good solution since then the RDS text is cut off. The %tz tag only makes sense when associated with a %s tag and all other themes supporting RDS use it and work well that way.
-Replace the RDS text font (currently 20-DroidSans-Bold.fnt) by another font from the Rockbox Font Pack. As I want a nice anti-aliased font, the only acceptable alternative I found is the Ubuntu Bold font. But this font makes the device crash too…

So I just hope there is a bug somewhere that can be fixed?

I'm having the same issue on my Sansa Clip Zip. (Rockbox 3.13 stable).

Additionally, some characters such as ó, ñ, or ç are not being displayed on the RDS text.

I've noticed that these issues can be mitigated on a theme by using one viewport exclusively for RDS name and another exclusively for RDS info (i.e. don't draw/write anything else on those viewports).

Also, some stations send blinking text intentionally.

I'm not sure I get exactly the same problem as this, but 3.13 still has problems with RDS on the Zip. I *think* what is happening is that it's re-loading the Radio Text (aka radio info, the long bit that shows what song is playing etc…) constantly / randomly quite quickly. Sometimes not all the text is there, then it might completely disappear, then it might fully appear but be wiped out moments later again. It also never resolves BBC stations 8 character station ID (I live in the UK), although all the commercial radio stations in my area appear quite quickly. This video shows the problem, but it's very blurry. You'll see the radio text scolling across the bottome of the screen, but it comes and goes. Also, the 2nd station is BBC Radio 2 and you'll notice the lack of station ID.

I'm using my own very basic work in progress theme in the video, but this problem happens no matter what theme is installed or if no themes are installed. I installed RockBox with the ClipZip 01.01.20 firmware.

v3.13 is almost 2 years old now. You should rather take the daily builds as a basis for bugs reports or simply for your personal use.
There have been many commits since then as you can see here

Lodovic, did you manage to fix your problem on your ClipZip?

I realised that the latest zip firmware is now compatible with Rockbox, so re-installed, but this has not fixed the issue, nor has installing the latest build. There is no commit relevant to this problem.


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