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Attached to Project: Rockbox
Opened by gama - 2013-01-25

FS#12807 - [WIP] New amiga music player plugin powered by UADE library

Hi there,

  this is a WIP plugin that I wrote last year.  It plays amiga music using the UADE library.
  You can find more about it here:
  I'm a bit new to git so please forgive me for not uploading a proper patch.
  To test the plugin, simply copy the bitmap and rockuade folders to the plugins folder in
  rockbox sources.  And you have to extract the file in the .rockbox folder.
  I'm not going to work on this anymore, so I decided to upload it here, and hope someone
  can make a proper patch and maybe some dev would be interested in testing it, make 
  the necessary changes and upload an stable release.
  Please read the README file for some additional info about the plugin.
  Tested on:    samsungypr0, fuze+, fuzev2
  Commid ID: e1ea08417bca57c607df6686472fa0a86f38b6d1

Hi Mauricio Garrido (gama),

Thank you for porting uade to Rockbox! It's awesome to think that I can play all my obscure Amiga music formats.

But I have an issue compiling the patch with the source. When rockuade is being compiled I get the following error:

CC apps/plugins/rockuade/uade/audio.c
CC apps/plugins/rockuade/uade/cia.c
CC apps/plugins/rockuade/uade/cpudefs.c
CC apps/plugins/rockuade/uade/cpuemu1.c
CC apps/plugins/rockuade/uade/cpuemu2.c
CC apps/plugins/rockuade/uade/cpuemu3.c
CC apps/plugins/rockuade/uade/cpuemu4.c
CC apps/plugins/rockuade/uade/cpuemu5.c
CC apps/plugins/rockuade/uade/cpuemu6.c
CC apps/plugins/rockuade/uade/cpuemu7.c
CC apps/plugins/rockuade/uade/cpuemu8.c
CC apps/plugins/rockuade/uade/cpustbl.c
CC apps/plugins/rockuade/uade/custom.c
CC apps/plugins/rockuade/uade/debug.c
CC apps/plugins/rockuade/uade/md-support.c
CC apps/plugins/rockuade/uade/memory.c
CC apps/plugins/rockuade/uade/missing.c
CC apps/plugins/rockuade/uade/newcpu.c
CC apps/plugins/rockuade/uade/readcpu.c
CC apps/plugins/rockuade/uade/sd-sound.c
CC apps/plugins/rockuade/uade/simplesupport.c
CC apps/plugins/rockuade/uade/strlrep.c
CC apps/plugins/rockuade/uade/uade.c
CC apps/plugins/rockuade/uade/uadeipc.c
CC apps/plugins/rockuade/uade/uademain.c
CC apps/plugins/rockuade/amifilemagic.c
CC apps/plugins/rockuade/eagleplayer.c
CC apps/plugins/rockuade/uadecontrol.c
CC apps/plugins/rockuade/songinfo.c
make: *** No rule to make target `/home/ubuntu/rockbox/build/pluginbitmaps/rockuade_parallax2.h', needed by `/home/ubuntu/rockbox/build/apps/plugins/rockuade/sdl_parallax.o'. Stop.

The file rockuade_parallax2.h seems to be missing. Is this correct and can you provide this file (and others if more might be missing)?

FYI: I have setup my dev environment asspecfied here Using the Ubuntu / Virtual Box option.

Thanks in advance,


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