FS#12863 - Fuze+ freezes if volume and bass are set high

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Opened by William (lee321987) - Thursday, 23 May 2013, 13:19 GMT
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Category Operating System/Drivers
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Operating System Sansa Fuze+
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Reported Version Daily build (which?)
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Playback halts.
No error screen appears -- screen seems to stay where it is when freeze occurs, i.e. WPS or back light off.

Tested multiple audio formats.

Does not occur if no head phones are plugged in.

If you play a song for a bit at low volume (tested -14dB) before raising the volume, it is okay.

To reproduce:
Find a loud, bass-heavy part of a song, and halt playback right there.
Set volume to 6dB.
Set bass to 14.
Resume playback.

Usually freezes in less than a second when I do that.

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Comment by Boris Gjenero (dreamlayers) - Friday, 24 May 2013, 00:13 GMT
Does this happen when the battery is fully charged or a charger is connected?
Comment by William (lee321987) - Saturday, 25 May 2013, 21:06 GMT
Just tested it while charging -- bug does not occur.
I will test while fully charged once it's done charging.
Comment by William (lee321987) - Saturday, 25 May 2013, 22:58 GMT
Okay, did some tests on full charge -- still getting freezing.
But as I said, it's working good if charge cable is connected.
Comment by Boris Gjenero (dreamlayers) - Sunday, 26 May 2013, 02:10 GMT
Thanks for testing! This seems like a power issue, where the high power drain of intense bass causes undervoltage or glitches on the CPU power supply, causing the freeze.

Is your battery still in reasonable condition? As they get older, the internal resistance increases, resulting in more voltage drop when power demand is high. If you want to measure its condition you could use and compare results with You can also see instantaneous battery voltage in the battery debug screen. The standard battery indicator has smoothing which would hide short dips, and you could maybe see them in the debug screen.
Comment by William (lee321987) - Sunday, 26 May 2013, 19:18 GMT
I did battery bench as soon as I bought the Fuze+ (~2 months ago).
Result was 33 hours (playing ~220kbps VBR MP3's).
I just took at look at the battery in the debug menu, while playing a bass-heavy song, at full volume, and bass at 14:
the lowest the battery is dipping 4.128V.
Comment by MichaelGiacomelli (saratoga) - Wednesday, 05 June 2013, 18:51 GMT
What headphones are you using? If it happens mostly with low impedance, that would suggest a power issue. Perhaps one of the voltage regulators is not set properly and can be overloaded.
Comment by William (lee321987) - Tuesday, 16 July 2013, 15:19 GMT
All previous tests were done with low-impedance earbuds. I just tested with some 32 ohm headphones -- the bug does not occur with these.
Comment by Thomas Martitz (kugel.) - Sunday, 12 January 2014, 22:55 GMT
What to do about this report? Can it even be considered a bug?