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Opened by pamaury - 2013-07-28
Last edited by Bilgus - 2019-08-04

FS#12886 - [fuze+] Freezing/slowdown during playback

Some users reported this issue, we need more information.

Closed by  Bilgus
2019-08-04 19:21
Reason for closing:  Out of Date


I install the latest RB and when I play songs in SD card(Sansa 32G), my fuze+ goes freeze and I have to restart it.

sometimes it doesn't freeze but I find SD Card disappear. When I restart SD card comes back.

Playback used to work perfect when I use old RB version with no recording feature. I tried to change RB versions but it seems all RB versions with recording feature have the problem.

As there is no older version to download, I can't try older RB version.

I don't know if this is the same problem: The music plays in a-few-second-long blocks of freezing and playing (over and over again)

So far for me (I have not tested too much as I just boost the cpu frequency), it has only happened after an automatic track change to opus files a few songs into a playlist. I am also playing all my files on sd (64gb sandisk)

It usually happens when I change songs in SD card manually.

Sometimes "The music plays in a-few-second-long blocks of freezing and playing (over and over again)" and sometimes I just can't play all the songs on SD card.

Today I change my SD card to a 4G Apacer card and my problem won't happen.

I'll try more later~

I have playback issues when EQ setting is turned on. I've configured my EQ to use all 10 bands which I've read may cause issues.

Does it is still happen ? Is it reproducable with a 10 band EQ as you point out ?

I have been posting about my experiences with freezing in the forum for the last few weeks. Here is a description of what happens when the player freezes:

1) Audio playback stopped. Player was still on the "while playing screen", but the counter was no longer advancing.

2) Buttons were still working at this stage. I was able to hit back to go from the "while playing screen" to the menu and then back to the "while playing screen" again.

3) Now buttons have stopped working, sorta. All the buttons including volume up, down, power, and the touchpad will light up the backlight, but the player doesn't respond otherwise. It's stuck on the while playing screen. The backlight turns off after the configured delay period (10s).

4) Player has been in this state for more than the 5 minute idle shutdown so that is not activating. I force shut down the player by holding power button.

I used this same 32GB SD card the Fuze+ crashes with in a Rockbox Clip Zip for a lot of playback time (in fact I swap it back and forth between the devices quite often). The Clip Zip has never locked up.

Recently I have tried to determine if this crash is related to any specific settings. Today the lockup occurred with all settings default except the following:

Settings→General→Bookmarking→Bookmark On Stop→Yes
Settings→General→Bookmarking→Load Last Bookmark→Ask
Settings→General→Bookmarking→Maintain a List of Recent Bookmarks→Unique Only

Notably, the equalizer was not enabled when the lockup occurred.

I have not experienced any slowdown of audio playback. Audio playback is always perfect until it cuts off completely. But I *think* I may have experienced slowdown of UI responsiveness shortly before the player freezes. This is hard to notice because I'm usually not manipulating the UI when the player freezes.

Some additional information I forgot to include:

- The "disk access" icon in the upper right corner is often displayed during a freeze. Furthermore, lock ups seem to happen more frequently when seeking or selecting a new file to play, leading me to believe the freeze is related to file access.

- If one tries to shut down the player after it has stopped playing audio but before it has frozen up, the text "Bookmark Failed" will often be displayed (instead of "Bookmark Created")


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