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Opened by alexbobp - 2014-03-06
Last edited by speachy - 2021-05-12

FS#12958 - data abort crash when toggling crossfeed from quickscreen left button, but not right

Using release 3.13 on the clip zip, if I were to put the main crossfeed setting on the right button of the quickscreen, it would cycle through to custom but then stop. If I use the left button of the quickscreen, then after custom there is a data abort crash.

Using build c64b59f-140304, both the left and right quickscreen buttons work to cycle through all 3 settings for crossfeed, but I can still trigger the crash if I use the left button. It seems to be sporadic and timing dependent, because if I click through the options quickly it works fine, but if I slow down and hold the buttons for longer at a time then it will eventually trigger.

Here is a picture of the crash: The text is:
Data abort at 30800E
FSR 0×8 (domain 0, fault 8)
address 0xB00Fb5D
pc:30800BA8 sp:300<snip> the screen is too narrow, here
bt end

Closed by  speachy
2021-05-12 21:29
Reason for closing:  Out of Date
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I believe I fixed this a couple of months ago; was a race condition in the initialization code.

MikeS commented on 2014-03-06 21:12

If that's accurate data and I built the right firmware (target #65), the crash happens in lcd_alpha_bitmap_part_mix.

fg commented on 2014-03-06 21:14

That sounds rather improbable.

Is that data from 3.13 or from c64b59f?

MikeS commented on 2014-03-06 21:16

That would be c64b59f, per the report.

MikeS commented on 2014-03-06 21:23

From the elf, the instruction at PC is:
30800ba8: e5d4a000 ldrb sl, [r4]

Yes, just to clarify I didn't take the picture until after trying on the then-latest build. As MikeS said.

Has there been a change related to this issue? I just tried the latest build and now instead of a crash I get strange artifacting in the scrolling text on the left. In any case it seems like an issue with text scrolling. I have my text scrolling set to 1px at top speed.

I'm going to assume that this video corruption issue is related to the crash issue in the other build, and hopefully this info is helpful. I wanted to shoot a video but my phone camera is too crappy to focus on the little screen so I'll describe it. The bug triggers when I go from Custom to Simple (Meier), while the word "Custom" is in the process of scrolling to the right. "Simple" appears and starts scrolling to the right, but then instead of "(Meier)" appearing, it starts counting back through the alphabet, eg, QRSimple… it keeps scrolling backwards through the ascii codepage back through ' !"#', and then keeps scrolling seemingly random pixels after that.

This is on 915bc09-140315

I think we need more information. What config, font and theme are you using?

font: 08-Atadore-dfkt
wps and base theme: DFKT_Minimum_Zip_FSAA

I described my scroll settings above which I think are relevant. Any other config info you want?

just paste config.cfg please. The word custom shouldn't scroll at that font size (?)

# .cfg file created by rockbox 915bc09-140315 -

volume: -12
bass: -4
backlight timeout: 25
backlight timeout plugged: on
scrollbar width: 4
time format: 12hour
backlight filters first keypress: on
brightness: 1
scroll speed: 17
scroll delay: 700
scroll step: 1
foreground color: FFFFFF
show files: all
show filename exts: on
autoupdate bookmarks: on
autoload bookmarks: on
use most-recent-bookmarks: unique only
rec channels: mono
rec format: mpa3
mp3_enc bitrate: 160
crossfeed: meier
eq enabled: on
eq low shelf filter: 32, 7, 5
eq peak filter 1: 64, 10, 5
eq peak filter 2: 125, 10, 5
eq peak filter 3: 250, 10, 5
eq peak filter 4: 500, 10, 5
dithering enabled: on
timestretch enabled: on
tagcache_ram: on
tagcache_autoupdate: on
fms: /.rockbox/wps/DFKT_Minimum_Zip_FSAA.fms
font: /.rockbox/fonts/08-Atadore-dfkt.fnt
wps: /.rockbox/wps/DFKT_Minimum_Zip_FSAA.wps
sbs: /.rockbox/wps/
backdrop: -
alarm wakeup screen: rec
iconset: /.rockbox/icons/tango_micro_7px.bmp
viewers iconset: /.rockbox/icons/tango_micro_7px_viewers.bmp
qs top: brightness
qs left: crossfeed
qs right: crossfeed
qs bottom: brightness
Semitone pitch change: on
Timestretch mode: on


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