FS#13157 - Resuming opus after shutdown plays a second from the beginning before seeking

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Opened by Ori Avtalion (salty-horse) - Saturday, 05 May 2018, 11:15 GMT
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Category Music playback
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Assigned To Willliam W (Bilgus)
Operating System Sansa e200
Severity Low
Priority Normal
Reported Version Daily build (which?)
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Tested on latest git master, on Sansa e200 and simulator. May affect other devices.

1) Play an opus file. Seek to the middle.
2) Shut down the device, and boot it up again.
3) Choose "Resume playback".


A second from the beginning of the file will play before jumping to where playback was stopped when the device was shut down.
This task depends upon

Comment by Ori Avtalion (salty-horse) - Saturday, 05 May 2018, 11:42 GMT
This only seems to happen with files encoded with ffmpeg.

For example, this file plays back fine:

but causes a problem when I re-encode it withffmpeg 3.4.2-2 using the command:
ffmpeg -i music_128kbps.opus -acodec libopus out.opus
Comment by Willliam W (Bilgus) - Sunday, 04 August 2019, 18:46 GMT
Does this still occur with the latest dev builds?
Comment by Ori Avtalion (salty-horse) - Monday, 05 August 2019, 22:13 GMT
Yes. Tested with latest master ed724fecb1 in the simulator.
Comment by Willliam W (Bilgus) - Monday, 05 August 2019, 23:04 GMT
can you upload the file that fails somewhere please?
Comment by Ori Avtalion (salty-horse) - Tuesday, 06 August 2019, 18:55 GMT
This only happens with some opus files I download from youtube using youtube-dl with the "-x" flag.
Here's a file where the skip I described consistently happens:
Comment by Willliam W (Bilgus) - Wednesday, 07 August 2019, 09:11 GMT
Ok tested this file on the fuze+ and in fuze+ sim couldn't reproduce what target sim are you using?
Comment by Ori Avtalion (salty-horse) - Wednesday, 07 August 2019, 10:48 GMT
I use the same target sim as my device, Sansa e200.
Step 2 (shutting down the device - or restarting the simulator) is important. If you just go to the home screen and resume it will work as expected.
Comment by Willliam W (Bilgus) - Wednesday, 07 August 2019, 11:22 GMT
Can you try with the file you posted?

steps I took.
made a new simulator for e200
make && make install
copied file to simdisk root
opened sim played file for 30secs fast forwarded to 30 MINUTES
hit close on simulator
opened sim scrolled to Resume playback
file starts at 30 mins no beginning of track heard just picks up where it left off
Comment by Ori Avtalion (salty-horse) - Wednesday, 07 August 2019, 11:41 GMT
Tried to repeat the process on a different computer, and could not reproduce the issue.

Please give me a few days to run more tests before closing this.
Comment by Willliam W (Bilgus) - Wednesday, 07 August 2019, 12:10 GMT
no problem I won't close till we can confirm one way or another