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Attached to Project: Rockbox
Opened by Zabizabo - 2020-11-14

FS#13256 - Xduoo X3II : unable to play some flac and mp3 files potentially related to the size of the cover art

Hi there,

I’m using Rockbox on my Xduoo X3II with the build 4e54996 but the problem is the same since the build 0c99a3f. I never tried with builds previous to the 0c99a3f one.

Some Mp3 or Flac files can’t be read by Rockbox while there aren’t reading problems with the Xduoo firmware.

First, I was thinking it was relatd to the music files but I have looked precisely and I see they share a common problem : when the size of the cover art (named cover.jpg)in the folder album is bigger than 2.3 Mb, the covers can’t be shown on the screen player and the files can’t be played.

I have checked this problem on several album folders. Once I got a file working despite a cover art of 3,7 Mb.

Tell me how I can help you : providing files or cover art (or both), I will do.

My best and thanks

impig commented on 2020-12-02 17:23

I was unable to reproduce this. I put a random (not even a square) jpg (3.7MB in size) in a folder and named it "cover.jpg". It struggled for 1-2s but then loaded it as cover art and played the audio normal.

If you can provide the problematic cover art I can try confirm the issue on my player.
Best, iMpig


Thank you for your test and your reply. I put in attachment one of the cover art creating a problem.

To be sure that it was the origin of the problem, I have removed it from my album folder and have tried to read my flac files. As expected it's working.


   cover.jpg (3.56 MiB)
impig commented on 2020-12-03 15:21

I retested it with the image you provided.

* The cover file opens OK on my computer.

* On the player:
with version: 497618e51e-201119
with version: 10f05b3b27 (newest)

- with your cover.jpg: cover not displayed but playback is OK
- with my (big) cover.jpg: delay of 2-3s before cover is displayed but playback is OK

I don't know… can you maybe retest with a different SD card?


I am wondering: do you use the Xduoo X3II player?

On my side, the cover files opens also Ok on my computer but also with the firmware of the Xduoo X3II. And of course not with the Rockbox firmware (I think I'm using the the 2020-11-30 version)

I will do a test with a new SD Card as soon I find one.

impig commented on 2020-12-03 19:19

Yes, I tested on a xDuoo X3ii.

Best of luck!

Hi there,

I think I have found the origin of the problem :)

I have used an other SD Card and indeed it's the same as you : cover is not displayed but the file is played.
But it's not a question of SD Card, it's a question of the theme used. On my new SD Card, there is only the "basic" theme provided with Rockbox. What I did is trying on my firs SD Card to read the files after applying this basic theme and……it's working : no cover but a file played.

It's the "lebellium_Samsung-like" theme that is responsible of the problem encountered.

impig commented on 2020-12-04 16:42

interesting… it has crossed my mind, but was too lazy to test the theme :)

I'm glad you investigated and that you shared the info here, thanks!

BTW: I'm using slightly modified (different fonts) "cabbiev2" theme which works fine.

Yes the "cabbiev2" theme works fine but what I need is a cover covering a large amount of my screen. The "lebellium_Samsung-like" theme was good for that.

I have found an alternative. I have just chosen this theme in the theme option "While playing screen" and it works. Once again no cover but the file is at least played :)


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