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Attached to Project: Rockbox
Opened by hardeeps - 2003-07-26
Last edited by hardeeps - 2003-12-10

FS#1548 - Dynamic playlist viewer

The attached patch allows you to view and manipulate
the current playing playlist.

The viewer is accessed from Menu→Playlist Options-
>View Dynamic Playlist. The main viewer screen
displays the filename (minus extension) of all the tracks
in the playlist along with their position. Icons are used
to display special tracks:
1. Music icon = Current playing track
2. “Q” = Queued track
3. “M” = Track to be moved (see below)

Controls (r=recorder, p=player, b=both):
- UP®, LEFT(p) : Scroll up one line
- DOWN®, RIGHT(p) : Scroll down one line
- ON+UP®, ON+LEFT(p) : Scroll up one page
- ON+DOWN®, ON+RIGHT(p) : Scroll down one page
- PLAY(b), RIGHT® : Start playing highlighted track.
Also used for moving a track (see below).
- ON+PLAY(b): Access track operations menu
- OFF®, LEFT®, STOP(p): Exit viewer

Track operations menu:
1. Delete: Delete the highlighted track. If it is the
current playing track then next track will start. You
cannot delete a track if it’s the only one in the playlist.

2. Move: Move specified track to a new position. After
requesting operation, you are returned to the main
viewer screen where you can select the position you
want to move to. Press PLAY(b) or LEFT® to select
highlighted position. Notes:
- The cursor flashes to identify when you are
attempting to move a track.
- You cannot move the current playing track.
- The move is aborted if there is a track change or a
track is deleted.

Implementation details:
1. apps/playlist_viewer.[c|h]
New files. Contain the bulk of the viewer code.
Possible to convert this to a plugin if desired.

2. apps/playlist.[c|h]
Added a couple of helper functions and misc cleanup.

3. apps/playlist_menu.c
Added “View Dynamic Playlist” option

4. apps/lang/english.lang
New strings

5. uisimulator/win32/Makefile
uisimulator/win32/rockbox.dsp uisimulator/x11/Makefile
Added playlist_viewer.c to makefiles.

Closed by  hardeeps
2003-12-10 00:14
Reason for closing:  Accepted

Uploaded playlist_viewer4.diff. Changes since initial release:
- Fixed bug when trying to delete last track in playlist while
it's playing and repeat mode is disabled. Track will now be
deleted and play will stop.
- Fixed display problem with M and Q "icons" with certain
- Fixed display problem with flashing inverted cursor on
scrolling lines during move.
- Changed "View Dynamic Playlist" and "Save Dynamic
Playlist" strings to "View Current Playlist" and "Save Current

Uploaded playlist_viewer5.diff which contains the following
- Users can now move the current playing track
- Fixed a bug when playing a new track while paused
- Fixed a disappearing cursor bug after move

Updated to latest cvs.

Updated to latest cvs.

Updated to latest cvs.

This patch reintroduces (at least partly) bug no 622833,
resume is not cleared when a playlist (at least directory
playlist) is finished.

Happy Hunting/Henrik

Fixed end of playlist resume bug reported by Henrik.

Updated to latest cvs.


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