FS#1585 - Correctly display Hebrew and Arabic text (v2)

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Opened by Gadi Cohen (gadicohen) - Wednesday, 06 August 2003, 02:32 GMT
Last edited by Linus Nielsen Feltzing (linusnielsen) - Monday, 08 August 2005, 19:24 GMT
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This patch introduces a compile time option for BiDi
(bidirectional) support to correctly display Hebrew and
Arabic text on your rockbox. The support is implemented
on an 'OS' level meaning it will affect all display
functions including directory listing, the WPS and text
file viewer.

It is assumed that you using either the ISO8859-8
(Hebrew) or ISO8859-6 (Arabic) standards to encode your
filenames on these respective filesystems. The routine
mimics the behaviour you would expect from localized
versions of the MS-Windows operating system.
This task depends upon

Closed by  Linus Nielsen Feltzing (linusnielsen)
Monday, 08 August 2005, 19:24 GMT
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Thanks for you patience!
Comment by Anonymous Submitter - Saturday, 16 August 2003, 23:01 GMT

ok it works for both hebrew and arabic.
but the problem by arabic is taht all the letters are display
separately ??

do you now* want * plan to integrate some code to make
the letter junction

Comment by Gadi Cohen (gadicohen) - Tuesday, 19 August 2003, 06:45 GMT

no, there is no real plan to do this; perhaps that makes the
title a bit misleading. i can definitely look into it, but won't
have my own PC for atleast another month. but this would
result in a BIG change to the way text is rendered, and is
almost definately a bit beyond my ability / my knowledge of
rockbox code.
Comment by Anonymous Submitter - Wednesday, 21 April 2004, 00:30 GMT

i don't know how to use this files please help me??
Comment by Gadi Cohen (gadicohen) - Wednesday, 21 April 2004, 08:30 GMT

you need to patch this against the source and recompile it
yourself (I believe this is explained in the documentation
section of the website), atleast until such a time as the
patch is included in the regular source (not very likely --
its been 8 months since the original submission).

to make things a bit easier I updated the patch against the
daily build from today (20040421) and made a few changes to
make it potentially more suited to include in the main
distribution. BiDi support is no longer a compile time
option but a runtime configuration option which is saved to
the default config. To enable, change BiDi Support to "yes"
in General Settings -> System.

You also need a suitable Hebrew font -- the ones on the
website don't use the correct encoding, see my post at
Comment by Anonymous Submitter - Wednesday, 21 April 2004, 14:44 GMT

thanks for the explainations but i just don't understand how
to fix the hebrew problem
i don't understand how to work with the patch file, bdf and diff
if any one could help me in any way read in hebrew the song
titles i'll be very thankfull
Comment by Anonymous Submitter - Wednesday, 21 April 2004, 16:29 GMT

e-mail me (dragon AT wastelands DOT net) with your model
type (i.e. fm recorder) and i'll e-mail you back a new
firmware file, and the compiled font file (which you can put
in .archos/fonts and "play" it once to make it the default

Comment by Anonymous Submitter - Tuesday, 18 May 2004, 15:26 GMT

is it good for the jukebox studio???
Comment by Gadi Cohen (gadicohen) - Monday, 24 May 2004, 15:21 GMT

as far as i know it will work on everything except a player.
if you can load fonts, you should be able to use this patch.
Comment by Gadi Cohen (gadicohen) - Saturday, 25 September 2004, 22:36 GMT

ok i fixed the patch against today's release. due to some
changes in the rockbox source there's now a compile time
warning which although its not ideal you can ignore :> i
also included which seemed to be missing...
weird... if u get an error about this file its probably not

i also added the compiled font in the new format you need
for the newer releases. your settings will be lost when u
upgrade, so just change to the new font again, and enable
bidi in general settings -> display -> lcd settings -> BiDi

good luck :)
Comment by Gadi Cohen (gadicohen) - Saturday, 25 September 2004, 22:55 GMT

ergh this is getting quite long now :( if you want a like you'd get off the rockbox site (i.e. you
can't or don't want to compile rockbox with the hebrew patch
yourself) -- there's one against today's daily build here

it's on my home PC so don't expect too much. use this just
like you'd use a from the main site, it includes
all the usual stuff, just unzip it your jukebox's main
directory. i take no responsibility for this, use it at
your own risk, but it works fine for me :)
Comment by Gadi Cohen (gadicohen) - Saturday, 25 September 2004, 23:06 GMT

d'oh. 3 comments in one day. i'm just curious... how many
arabic users are there? would you be interested in shaping
support? i might have worked out a way to do it... but i
need from u a screenshot of how your filenames should look
and a zip file with those filenames inside in either
ISO8859-6 or UTF-8 encoding (or preferably both). If you
want this support and/or can email me this stuff, my email
is below. You can maybe even send me some nice arabic pop :)
Comment by lshachar (lshachar) - Saturday, 02 July 2005, 23:09 GMT

I have been working, downloading and messing around, the
last 6 hours in cgywin and other tools just for this patch. No
wonders (it's old) that It doesn't compiles smoothly. I will be
very happy if someone would fix the few small errors that are
made by the patch... as 6 hours are not enough time to learn

if it really works like it should, (that is for archos), I assume
this patch should enter the final builds, shouldn't it? why was
this left out on the archos? (wasn't it?)
Comment by mirfle (naftalig) - Thursday, 14 July 2005, 23:04 GMT Comment by Linus Nielsen Feltzing (linusnielsen) - Monday, 08 August 2005, 19:24 GMT

Thanks for you patience!