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Opened by jamesmcconnon - 2004-04-30
Last edited by bagder - 2005-03-09

FS#2171 - Battery life

Since downloading version 2.2 my vattery life seems to
have dropped radically. I have an FM recorder (JBR FM)
and am finding myself having to charge it daily rather
then once every four or five days when I first got it.
I reckon the battery life now is about 3-4 hours, and
after two of those it will turn itself off occasionally.

I see other people are having battery problems, but
have yet to see any proper solutions.

I am considering changing the batteries. Does anyone
know what size they are.


Closed by  bagder
2005-03-09 10:43
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This report is very old and concerns a Rockbox version from eons ago.

Lots happen in the Rockbox all the time, and if you still have
problems with this matter I suggest you file a new entry.

Want to add info…

My symptoms are as following:

+ After charging to the fullest…
I play using Rockbox firmware for a little while…
+ After 1-2 hours: during play, when the archos tried loading
from the buffer (the HD and red led are working) my LCD
screen light is shutdown for a second, and
then the songs stops. I guess that the rockbox things it
doesn’t have enough battery to read for the HD or
+ Anyway: I switch to archos 1.27d firmware (rolo loading)
and TADA! I have 6 more hours of playing….

And I don’t think it’s related to the disk sleep time\trickle
charge I’ve change those parameters and still got the same
behavior (I’ve seen the bugs opened in “Driver” category
regarding the trickle charge and I don’t think it’s related).

I know you guys have problems reproducing this bug so:
If you want to create plug ins that test this situation on my
box and write info to log or somthing… just let me know
Hopes this will be fixed soon, cause Rockbox is useless for me
until it is fixed.

Project Manager


When this happens, is the red LED constantly on?

actually it did.

Any insights?

BTW: sometimes when this happens I get a strange message
box “Press OFF to shut down” (or something)

Project Manager

I see two problems:

1) You suffer from the “Red LED Death” problem. I guess you
have a Hitachi DK23CA or DK23DA hard drive in your jukebox.
Select “Menu→Info→Debug→View disk info” to find out.

2) You also have a problem with voltage drops when it spins
up, generating bogus key presses. This is supposed to be
fixed in 2.3. Which version are you running?

Hi linus… thank you very much for your help…

1) yes I have dk23ca… is there something I can do about it?
besides banging it on the table like crazy?

2) No it happened on 2.1 and 2.2 didn’t check 2.3… will
try it in the next few days and will let you know if it’s fixed
the problem…

thanks again

Project Manager

I have spent lots of time trying to fix the Red LED Death
problem, but so far I haven’t managed to solve it
completely. I can’t make it happen on my FM recorder unless
I shake it like crazy.

You could replace the hard drive with another model.

Please try 2.3 and see if it is any different.

Hi Linus,
Sorry I’ve taken 2.3 and installed it… But the problem of the voltage drops (songs skip and then
ends playing AND “press OFF to shutdown message)…

I’ve tried is both with diskspinoff on and off but still… stops
playing after a while (battery is 85%)….

Any ideas?

Project Manager

This report is very old and concerns a Rockbox version from eons ago.

Lots happen in the Rockbox all the time, and if you still have
problems with this matter I suggest you file a new entry.


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