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Attached to Project: Rockbox
Opened by raybert - 2005-01-19
Last edited by raybert - 2005-08-24

FS#2438 - A-B Repeat patch

This patch adds an A-B Repeat function to Rockbox.

(Current patch is against 20050119 daily source.
Tested on FM Recorder.
Button mappings exist for but are not tested on Player

A-B Repeat will repeatedly play a segment of a song
between two arbitrary
points (known as marker A and marker B) that are
defined by the listener.
It's especially great for musicians who need to listen
to a musical passage
repeatedly in order to learn it.


To turn A-B Repeat mode on, use the normal repeat mode
setting (in the
Settings menu or the Quick menu) and toggle until "ab"
appears. On models
with a bitmapped display, an A-B Repeat icon will show
(the normal repeat
arrow – U on its side – between two vertical lines).
This setting can
also be saved/restored from a config file (repeat: ab).


A-B Repeat mode behaves like "repeat one" mode until a
marker(s) has been set.

When the B marker is set and playback reaches the B
marker, playback
automatically jumps back to the A marker position.

- To set the A marker, press ON+PREV during song playback.

- To set the B marker, press ON+NEXT during song
playback. (NOTE: When
the B marker is set, playback immediately jumps to the
A marker position.)

- To clear both markers, press ON+OFF during song
playback. (NOTE: When a song
stops, the markers are cleared automatically.)

It's also possible to use A-B Repeat with only one
marker set:

- To repeat a section at the start of a song, set only
the B marker and playback
will repeat between the start of the song and the B
marker position.

- To repeat a section at the end of a song, set only
the A marker and playback
will repeat between the A marker position and the end
of the song.

You may change the A and B markers at any time by using
FFWD and FREW to
move to the desired new position and pressing the
appropriate key combination
to set the desired marker. You may even FREW to a
position before the A marker
and FFWD to a position after the B marker. Note
however that if you reverse
the order of the markers (i.e. place B before A or A
after B) the other marker
will be unset (e.g. if you set B to a position earlier
in the song than A, the
A marker will be unset).


The NEXT and PREV buttons will stop at the A marker
position if they pass it.
(e.g. If the current playing position is past the A
marker and you press PREV,
playback will jump to the A marker position. Pressing
PREV a second time will
jump to the start of the song.)

On models with a bitmapped display, when either (or
both) of the markers is set
a graphical indication is drawn on the track time
status bar. The A marker is
drawn as a right-pointing arrow and the B marker is
drawn as a left-pointing
arrow. However, if the two markers are positioned too
closely together to fit
the arrow indicators, vertical bars will be drawn instead.

Note that holding down the ON button on some models
will cause the pitch menu
to appear. To avoid this, you should be prepared to
press the ON+PREV and
ON+NEXT button combinations quickly when the desired
position is reached.

Closed by  linusnielsen
2005-08-21 23:02
Reason for closing:  Accepted
Additional comments about closing:   Warning: Undefined array key "typography" in /home/rockbox/flyspray/plugins/dokuwiki/inc/parserutils.php on line 371 Warning: Undefined array key "camelcase" in /home/rockbox/flyspray/plugins/dokuwiki/inc/parserutils.php on line 407

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Thanks, Ray! Now let's see how to make this work for the
Ondio and the iriver…

Updated for daily build 20050521.

One change to key mappings:

To get into the pitch screeen, you must now press ON+UP or ON+DOWN
(this first key press will not change the pitch). Holding ON no longer brings
up the pitch screen. This means that it also no longer interferes with the A-
B Repeat key bindings. Therefore the warning at the end of the original
summary text no longer applies. (It's much better this way, trust me… ;)

Updated for daily build 20050710.

This makes the patch compatible with major recent changes.

I *think* the developers are planning to include this patch in the (rumored)
upcoming 2.5 release but I have not yet received positive confirmation of
this. If you want it included you should nag your local developer with CVS
commit privileges. ;)

Project Manager

Thanks, Ray! Now let's see how to make this work for the
Ondio and the iriver…

Thank *you*, Linus! :)

The core A-B Repeat functionality should just work for the other devices.
The only areas that need attention are: (a) key mappings; should be
straightforward to add them, so long as there are unused ones [:)] ; (b)
visual mark indicators: bitmapped displays should just work; non-bitmapped
displays may just be out of luck; © the playmode icon: again, bitmapped
displays should just work; non-bitmapped displays may be out of luck.

There's an alternate solution for item ©: I suggested this earlier but I got
no response. Instead of making A-B Repeat its own playmode, instead,
enable the A-B-R functionality during the Repeat One mode. The Archos
non-bitmapped display devices (at least) already have a custom icon for
Repeat One. Plus, I designed A-B-R to work like R-1 when no marks are
set. So it seems natural to piggy-back A-B-R onto R-1 playmode.

Thanks again!



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