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Opened by Anonymous Submitter - 2002-09-23
Last edited by Rani Hod - 2006-09-23

FS#278 - Support of cue sheets (for mix CDs)

As detailed in the [live mix] section at it
is the nature of MP3s that there is no way to produce a
truly seamless transition between tracks of a continuous
live or mixed recording. The only safe way to do this is
to create one long MP3, and use and external (or
embedded using the winamp plugin from ) cue sheet.
Can we have th feature added to rockbox where we can
jump between cuepoints in Rockbox? Thanks.

Closed by  Björn Stenberg
2007-02-15 06:18
Reason for closing:  Accepted
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Closing all feature requests.

Aiolizator commented on 2006-03-24 15:07

I would love this feature too (separate cue file or cue data embedded in the ID3 tag).
Please guys, we want cue sheet support ! :)

dmdfan commented on 2006-03-27 14:14

I wonder if the right approach method would be like they’ve done it in XBMC (Xbox Media Center).
The tracks appear immediately as you enter a directory with a .cue file. Although I’d rather
see the time positions the way it’s done in mp3cue plugin for Winamp, which shows the time position
of each track in proportion to the main audio file.

Ewald commented on 2006-03-29 15:47

i would like to see cue support too.
i have an plugin for winamp: CUE Player v0.5b. (Can’t find the url at moment). When i add a .cue file it automatticaly adds all tracks to my playlist and even includes them with a shuffle play. It would be nice to be able to enable or disable this with rockbox..

the overall future for cue support would be great!

Peter Halliday commented on 2006-07-23 12:04

me too - i use cue sheets all the time in foobar2000.
personally i’ve always thought that cue sheet support should be implemented so that the cue sheet is seen as a directory.

luckydevil13 commented on 2006-07-28 09:45

I’m newbie user of rockbox, i’m not programmer - but I can suggest algoritm…. it’s not needed to load whole file… i think

1) open *.cue file as folder, while entering the folder:

1.1) read Length of mp3 file and it's size
1.2) read cue time markers

2) write filenames of small mp3s, on open one of it ⇒ 3) and HINT! seek in large file proportion time_whole/time_part = size_of_file/seek bytes!

it’s not needed to load whole file - no matter CBR, ABR o VBR … yes seek will be approximately - but I think - it will be enough

sorry for my english )

luckydevil13 commented on 2006-07-28 09:48

so old Feature Request - 2002 year, but ignoring… ((( with it rockbox is dreamplayer… all features is there

Aiolizator commented on 2006-07-28 09:51

Yes, please, add cue sheet support !
And I think it must be quite simple to add compared to other features :-).

harley commented on 2006-08-15 05:58

i would also like to see cuesheet support in this great app. most of my flac cd’s are one .flac with a .cue breaking up the tracks, which is why i love foobar. i’m admittedly very new to rockbox, and i see that the feature request date on this is 2002. so if it’s one of the nodo’s, please let us know… so i can start on converting my flac’s to multiple files ^_^

p.s. great job! i love it!

Felipe Augusto Dornelas commented on 2006-12-06 14:47

Cuesheet support is the only way to properly listening of DJ mixes encoded in MP3 or OGG. Those bastards don’t get it!

Dominik Riebeling commented on 2006-12-06 16:08

Cuesheet is not a NODO (in that case it would be stated there) but simply requires a lot of changes nobody has done yet.

Felipe, how should I understand you comment? If you want your comments to be taken seriously you should never start pissing off someone. Rude language doesn’t help at all – how about stepping up and doing some work yourself?

Felipe Augusto Dornelas commented on 2006-12-06 18:32

I’m sorry. I was furious with the people at the forunms, saying that cuesheet support is useless.

I’m really really sorry.

I want to help. How could I start?

Thank you.

Dominik Riebeling commented on 2006-12-06 19:28

Depending on your knowledge of embedded programming and your time you have various options. To start coding for Rockbox I suggest you to read the appropriate docs in the wiki and look around on IRC as this is the place where devs usually meet. If you can’t code you can still help out with the manual (also, look around on IRC), give support in the forums and mailing lists etc. IRC is mostly always a good start ;-)

Dave Chapman commented on 2006-12-06 19:30

If you want to try and make cuesheet support in Rockbox happen, I would suggest starting a wiki page describing how cuesheet support could actually work in Rockbox. How should it work with Rockbox’s current system of playlists? Should it be treated as one long track with “chapter points”, or should each entry indicated by the cuesheet be treated as a separate track? What happens when you shuffle? Should crossfading happen between tracks in a cuesheet? etc etc

If you came up with a simple-to-implement method of incorporating cuesheet support in Rockbox, and clearly said what was needed to be done, I think there’s a better chance of someone actually doing it.

Also of use would be some links (if any exist) to a specification for cuesheets. You could also upload some examples of cuesheets created by different software.

Nicolas Pennequin commented on 2006-12-12 18:26

I’ve started a wiki page to discuss this :


Available keyboard shortcuts


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