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Attached to Project: Rockbox
Opened by ruiner808 - 2005-12-06
Last edited by ruiner808 - 2005-12-06

FS#2808 - Random Folder

First off, with version 2.5 you guys introduced the
ability to have the player move to the next folder on
completion of the current folder, instead of repeating.
This was an awesome addition for me. Good job guys!
This is an excellent feature.

So anyway, after adding the ability to move to the
folder, I thought it would be really nice if it could
move to a random folder next. I store my music with
each album having its own folder, which I belive most
people do, so basically this becomes a “Random Album” function.

You have really done some incredible things with this
device. I have been a Rockbox user since you first
started putting the project together. You guys are the
reason that I have kept my Studio 20 in use. Keep up
the good work. I’m looking forward to seeing what good
things you have in store for the future of Rockbox.

Closed by  zagor
2006-10-09 10:59
Reason for closing:  Accepted
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Closing all feature requests.

Can I just lend my whole-hearted support to this facility? I am amazed that media players (both hardware and software-based) do not have this feature as standard. Does anyone really not store their music collection by artist and album? The sooner the better for me and I suspect many, many others. Thanks on an otherwise spectacularly good product - it’s been like buying a new iRiver!

attached is a possible patch for this…. possible because i only tested it so far on the sim and im not sure if it works or not :p

u need to change the auto-change directories setting to random, and make sure u backup your config as it will reset your settings… please let me know if it works..

i can compile the patch for any1 that cant them selfs.. just tell me what target u want..

hmm.. just tryed it on my h300… ok.. actually it does work… except i need to find a better way to choose a random folder.. any ideaS?

ok, going with my tradition of usually fixing my mistakes pretty quickly after submitting a patch… here is a new WORKING patch :D (well it seems to work.. might need some tweaking tho)

lemme know how it goes

ok, its possible that this actually does work.. except u need to change line 36 in the patch to “+ return get_next_dir(dir,true,false,true);” ive tweaked it a bit more but cant upload it till iu get home…

ok, new version… this one lets u load a random msu as well as a random folder (hopefully.. its a bit hard to test)

ok, i give up… this version is the last im gonna play with… for some reason it seems to work (random dir only) short press right then long press right on the wps, but not at the end of the playlist..
i dont know… and the randomness sux :(

I still say making a folder context-menu item such as “insert shuffled folders” would be easier to implement and easier to test…


finally, i freeking got it to work :D

This patch resets your settings so back up first. and dont bother if you dont use dircache, its pretty slow.

optimized the patch a bit, it now boosts the cpu on targets that support it (should speed it up if dircahce isnt on), also if nothing has changed the plugin buffer since it was last run (i.e you didnt load a plugin, or the playlist viewer and some other stuff) it wont bother doing the directory walking so it is MUCH faster.

(also, while im here ill remove all the old patches that dont work)

Forgive me for sounding like a complete eejit here, but what am I meant to do with the random_folder.diff file?


patch the local source tree and compile it.. if thats over your head then wait till its appled to the cvs after the freeze


I’ll be waiting then!


has this been updated at all since June?

i just downloaded rockbox yesterday and i’ve very interested in getting the Random Folder ability compiled in.

i’ve got cygwin setup was able to build the stock daily source from today, but when i try to patch with the last random_folder.diff file it fails in several spots.

is there any quick way to get it updated for the latest code?

i seriously can’t believe that their isn’t more demand for a play random folder (”album”) option with mp3 players, simply ridiculous.

OK, new version.. hopefully this one is good enough to be commitable.
The way it works is by using a folder list which needs to be generated by a new plugin (cunningly called random_folder_advance). after you run that, goto settings > general > playback > auto-change dir and set it to “random” and then your good to go.
This takes about 2s to grab a new folder, and uses almost no RAM for the people who donnot use this.
btw, it resets your settings, so save them first


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