FS#2982 - EQ Menu User Interface

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Opened by safetydan (bigdan42) - Saturday, 04 February 2006, 10:32 GMT
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This patch provides a menu based interface for
configuring the EQ on software codec platforms. It uses
the existing settings system to store EQ settings and
adds an additional .rockbox/eqs directory for loading
EQ configs.

The menu is split in to a simple and an advance
interface. The simple interface provides control over
gain only. The advanced interface provides control over
all parameters for all five bands of the EQ.

There is also the beginnings of a graphical version of
the equalizer, though this is very preliminary and
doesn't work at all well.
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Closed by  safetydan (bigdan42)
Tuesday, 07 February 2006, 18:11 GMT
Reason for closing:  Accepted
Comment by safetydan (bigdan42) - Saturday, 04 February 2006, 16:25 GMT

New patch with the following changes:

* Changed default equalizer cutoffs to those suggested by t0mas
* Added graphical settings method. Use left and right to
change the cutoff, press "NAVI" or "SELECT" to change
setting mode. Move up and down to change band.
* Fixed bug with setting the first EQ band values (found by
curio in the forums)
Comment by safetydan (bigdan42) - Saturday, 04 February 2006, 20:53 GMT

New patch

* Enable faster EQ coef calculation on Coldfire
* Rearrange EQ coef calculation so changes are updated
more often
* Added more comments
* Remove some repetitive code in eq_menu.c with the use of
* Rename some functions for consistency
Comment by Anonymous Submitter - Saturday, 04 February 2006, 22:19 GMT

Very thanks safetydan !!!!
Your are one god ;-)
Comment by needleboy (needleboy) - Sunday, 05 February 2006, 12:58 GMT

V8 works like magic... Only one request.
Can you make the steps in GAIN mode in 0.1 untis except for
I modified this for myself, but it would be nice if this
was default, or user selectable...
Comment by safetydan (bigdan42) - Sunday, 05 February 2006, 15:28 GMT

New patch v9:

* Fixed restoration of EQ enabled setting after power-on
(found by bk on
* Handle USB connection event in the graphical EQ setting page
* Changed gain step size from 0.5 dB to 0.1 dB (suggested
by needleboy)
* Changed cutoff step size from 20 Hz to 10 Hz
* Some lang file corrections
* Added easy way to save EQ presets
* Fix warning while compiling dsp.c
Comment by safetydan (bigdan42) - Sunday, 05 February 2006, 17:55 GMT

New patch v10:

* Fix saving of settings to include all 5 bands (bug found
by tracer at
Comment by ep0ch (ep0ch1978) - Sunday, 05 February 2006, 19:30 GMT

I've just been reading the commments...

I think the step sizes are right, however a method to
increase the step size would be nice, i.e. a button
combination (play+left/right) to increment the step size
from 0.1db to 1db, likewise for cutoff go from 10hz to 100hz

Or do what the pitch control does and accelerate the step
size over time.

Great patch btw :)
Comment by safetydan (bigdan42) - Sunday, 05 February 2006, 21:55 GMT

New v11:

* Incorporate changes from bk on
- Fix display corruption on exit from graphical UI
- Add WPS context menu entries for quick EQ access
* Sync with current CVS
* More comments
* Fix some C++ style comments
Comment by ep0ch (ep0ch1978) - Monday, 06 February 2006, 18:20 GMT

another UI suggestion, if its possible invert the color of
the currently selected paramater, and don't reset the mode
to gain when flicking through the bands.

Comment by safetydan (bigdan42) - Monday, 06 February 2006, 20:40 GMT

New EQ UI v12 changes:

* Band selection in UI now wraps when moving up and down
(suggested by ghode on #rockbox)
* Don't switch modes when scrolling through options
(suggested by ep0ch1978)
* Use native frequency for EQ coef calculation since EQ
processing is after the resampler. Fixes oddities with low
frequency MP3s
* Invert the current item being changed in the GUI
(suggested by ep0ch1978)
* Clearer labels for EQ bands, distinguishing between low
shelf (LS), high shelf (HS) and peak (PK)
Comment by safetydan (bigdan42) - Monday, 06 February 2006, 22:09 GMT

EQ UI v13 patch:

* Update EQ filters when the user changes them.
* i18n fixes
* Some misc other stuff I forget now.