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Attached to Project: Rockbox
Opened by Anonymous Submitter - 2002-10-05

FS#362 - Dynamic Queue List

Dynamic Play Queue

I have added a dynamic play queue feature to rockbox
and here is how it works:

- If an mp3 file is selected in the dir browser it can be
added to a queue list in RAM by pressing and holding the
PLAY button. On the recorder this can also be done with
the RIGHT button. If the first song is selected this way
the playlist is switched to “queue mode”.

- After queueing a song Rockbox does not go to the wps
screen as usual. Instead the dir and filename of the song
is displayed for two seconds, then the dir browser

- If a song is currently playing when queue mode starts
it will continue to play and also be added as the first file
in the queue. The file selected in the browser will be
added as the second file.

- More songs can be queued until the current playlist
limit of 400 songs is reached or the buffer for the
filenames is full. In that case the “buffer full” message is

- The queue can be walked using the PREV/NEXT button
on the wps. If repeat is off playing stops at the end of
the queue. Otherwise the queue will be played again
from the start.

- If playing is stopped from the wps Rockbox goes back
to the browser but queue mode is not cancelled and the
queue list remains also intact. When the next song is
queued it is added to the end of the list and played.

- Queue mode is canceled when the OFF button is press
in the dir browser or when a song is select with a short
press on the PLAY button. This will also delete the queue

- The shuffle mode is deliberately ignored. Songs are
always played in the order they are added to the queue.

What is missing:

- There should be an icon to show when queue mode is
on, but the status bar is full. The easiest way to get
around this is to add the list index (%pp) and the total
number of songs on the list (%pe) to the wps. Try “%s%
pp/%pe %fp” as the first line in your default.wps file
(without the quotes).

- As of this writing Rockbox can not write files to the disk
so there is no way to save the queue list. Consequently
there is no way to resume on power-on.

File list:

Included with this patch are diff files for main_menu.c,
playlist.h, playlist.c and tree.c. They are all located in the
apps dir.

Please note: I am not familiar in any way with linux or
diff files. These diff where made using WinCVS and I
hope there are in the correct format. In case there is a
problem I have also included the .c files so you can
make you own diffs against the current CVS versions.

You may want to give the queue feature a try but don’t
have the time now to apply the diffs. Therefore I have
also included a ajbrec.ajz file based on the CVS version
at 4pm on 2002/10/05.


(in real life: Wilhelm Schroeder) (106.3 KiB)
Closed by  zagor
2003-01-09 01:06
Reason for closing:  
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Logged In: YES

Obsoleted by the on-disk queue code. Many of the UI comments
still apply though.

Just an idea:

after you hold down the play button for 2 seconds, bring up a
quick menu with:

F1 [insert]
F2 [append]

you are listening to song 1 and your current aueue looks like:

if you hit F1 it will then look like:

if you hit F2 it will look like:

By the way,
Great work!

Great idea to be able to insert or append to
the queue. But I’d prefer a global setting for
“Insert or Append to Queue” instead to be forced
to answer this question with every Song, I want
to add. A solution could of cource be a global
setting with the options “Append”, “Insert”, and

The dynamic playlist (aka queue) could also be
enhanced, by allowing directories and complete
playlists to be added to the queue (also by
pressing and holding PLAY).

I do not like having the right button do this feature. It is
confusing. I think it should just be play for 2 seconds. In the
browser menu, right should just go in and out of folders.

Also, It would be nice when it shows the filename to show the
current length of the queue (something like that)

Anonymous Submitter commented on 2002-10-08 06:40

having to hold buttons for a long time to add files is
without doubt one of the
most stupid, crippling things about the original archos
firmware.. it makes it
almost unusable for serious playlist building, and a
faster/easier alternative
to such behaviour is something that must be worked out at
some point in
rockbox… some ideas [targetted at player] are on+play or similar
combo to add a file or
directory, on+right/left to select multiple files (and then
play while selected to
add?)… And/Or maybe a “playlist build” mode that simply
lets you “play” files
to add them… I’m sure some good method will be worked out by the time we
have real
playlist making [i.e. saving] support… in the meantime, i’ll play with this patch and hax0r it’s
bindings a bit and
give better feedback after… sorry for the gripe, i’m happy to see these patches and all

Project Manager
zagor commented on 2003-01-09 01:06

Obsoleted by the on-disk queue code. Many of the UI comments
still apply though.

Anonymous Submitter commented on 2003-01-17 05:07

I especially like the right bottun feature on this patch version,
compared to the one implemented in the daily build. in the
daily builds, it makes it so u ave to hold either right, or play
for 2 seconds. I would like to mske it so that just tapping right
should make it queue, and play would make it play as
normal. Naturally, people disagree, so i think it should be
configurable. the reason for my request is that sometimes
when i am abuot to queue something, i press the right button,
and wait till it says something - but somtimes the hard drive
is spinning up or something, so the display is delayed, and
the file becomes queued 3 or 4 times in a row.



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