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Opened by Anonymous Submitter - 2002-10-14
Last edited by bagder - 2004-03-16

FS#422 - sound quality

I own a archos jukebox recorder 20. I use rockbox 1.4
and I find it wonderfull. There is only one point were I
am not completelly satisfy. It is about the sound quality
between archos driver and rockbox driver. Rockbox
driver as a clean sound without harddisk noise but
archos driver has a better sound in treeble and with the
loudness. The treeble sound more pure with higher
audible frequencies. I think it is your treeble and
loundness algorithm that is not as good as archos
Thank for all your work.

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2004-03-16 22:37
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No response and veeeeery old.

Project Manager

The treble and loudness algorithms are the same for both the Archos
firmware and Rockbox, since they are implemented in the MAS DSP
and not by the firmware.

Can you specify exactly what settings
you have for both firmwares and how you think they differ in terms of sound


man-e commented on 2002-10-15 00:45


I have the same problem, I use JR20GB and rockbox 1.4

Archos firmware sound settings:

Treble: the bar was in the middle.
Bass: the bar was in the middle.
Loudness: the bar was in the middle.
Bass Boost: None.

Rockbox v1.4 sound settings:

Treble: set to 6.
Bass: set to 6.
Loudness: set to 8.
Bass boost: 0%

In these settings the Treble was much more “clean” and
hearable in Archos firmware, it’s like the treble element is
in the background while using Rockbox.

anyways, I like what you are doing guys, keep
up with the good work !


Project Manager
zagor commented on 2002-11-01 16:31

Are you saying you can’t tweak the sound settings so it
sounds same, or just that the default sound parameters
aren’t the same?

Anonymous Submitter commented on 2002-12-08 00:55

I got the same problem. I own a jukebox 20 recorder, and
the sound is, lets say, weak. If I turn the bass on the
maximum settings (Bass and Bass Boost), there is no
where near the same amount of punch as in the archos
firmware. Also, if the treble is at max, its not as loud or as
crisp as in the archos firmware.

Anonymous Submitter commented on 2003-01-19 19:41

I’m going to have to agree with SciGuy.

On Archos firmware:
volume: between 2-3 ticks from right
bass: all the way right
bass boost: all the way right
everything else right in the middle

On Rockbox:
Bass: 12Db
Treble: 6Db
Loudness: 8Db
Bass Boost: 100%
AV (if it matters): off

Recorder 20, Archos firmware 1.28, Rockbox firmware CVS-

The sound with Archos firmware does have more punch, as
SciGuy says. The bass on Rockbox seems to be a little,
say, muffled. Anyways, thanks for a great program for my

Project Manager
zagor commented on 2003-01-19 20:41

If you guys have bass and bass boost at max on the recorder,
you should seriously look for new headphones. That amount
of bass amplification completely destroys the original sound.

Anonymous Submitter commented on 2003-01-19 22:58

i’m using 2 month old Aiwa HP-X222’s
they are the best i’ve had

Brian <same guy as 2003-01-19 11:41 post>

Anonymous Submitter commented on 2003-01-30 03:57

SciGuy here again, and still no success. I’m a musician, so I
think I have an ear for music. I’ve tried every possible
combination on both my hi-fi sound system and really good
headphones. No luck. On the Archos Firmware, I can find
the right sound in minutes. It’s too muddy, the bass
sounds separated somehow, something not found on the
Archos Firmware. The programs great, it’s simply the
correct way an GUI should be written, but until the sound is
somehow improved (I understand that the sound comes
from the MAS DSP, but there has to be something down
the line that causes it to change), I’m just gonna have to
stick with the OEM software. Just as a sidenote, did
anyone notice how much easier it is to organize on a I-Pod
than the Archos? I mean by genre, artist, whatever you
want, it’s there. Hope some programmer somewhere will
come up with a way to do that! Anyway, not to leave on a
negative note, Rockboxx is still great, it’s the reason I
decided to get the archos instead of shelling out an extra
300 bucks for and I-Pod and I hope you guys keep up the
great work.

I have exactly the same problem with v2.0 software on the
Player. I think that v1.4 does not exhibit this problem. On
mine, the vocals sound extremely muffled. Music sound
better. The archos driver definitely produce much better
quality than v1.4 or v2.0 Rockbox. But hats off to Rockbox
for other features that make this really usable device….


Project Manager


can you confirm that 1.4 sounds better than 2.0? And please
tell me how you have set the sound settings?

can you confirm that 1.4 sounds better than 2.0?
>And please tell me how you have set the sound settings?
Well, sorry I have been traveling and not paid attention to
this discussion. But, I spend a few hours comparing 2.0, 1.4
and original Archos firmware. The Volume setting on 1.4 and
2.0 allows greater volume, but as the volume goes up a
certain level (beyond max allowed by Archos firmware), the
quality of sound goes down.

The sound is definitely better with old Archos firmware. But I
could not find a difference between 1.4 and 2.0. My original
posting said that 1.4 sounded better than 2.0 because for
some reason, when switching from1.4 to 2.0, the ‘Karoke
Mode’ was being switched to true, so in 2.0, the voices
sounded horrible (or non-existant, as they should be with

My sound settings (bass/treble etc.) are all default (except
volume which I keep changing).


Project Manager

How does the Rockbox sound compare to the Archos sound if
you set the Rockbox volume below the “magic” level?

Rockbox has no artificial limits on the settings, which can
lead to artifacts/distortion when the settings are too high.
The max(Bass + Treble) + Loudness + Volume must not exceed
0dB according to the MAS specs. Rockbox does not attempt to
fulfill this programmatically.

I am considering an (optional) anti-distortion mode that
does this.

Project Manager

No response and veeeeery old.


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