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Attached to Project: Rockbox
Opened by blueloop - 2002-10-25

FS#472 - Chip8 emulator

The Chip8-Emulator allows you to play many old chip8
games found on the Net….
It modifies rockbox, so fileendings *.ch8 wil be recognised
as chip8 games

- less Memory
- more speed
- load individual keymapping for games

(Chip8 Maschines have 16Keys, some games use
unusual Key and ar not playable yet)

- Sound (more some sort of Beep)
- SCHIP Emulation for more Games (but the display is a

bit small, but you can modifiy CHIP-Games, there are
free Disassembler/Assembler)

- make library of tested Games and put some

gamename.txt files with infos along it

Blueloop ( (18.6 KiB)
Closed by  hohensoh
2003-10-31 12:38
Reason for closing:  Accepted
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I ported the emulator to be a plugin, it's in cvs now. I leave
this open for a while as a resource to get the .ch8 files and
for the ToDo's.

how did you get this to work? I don’t understand what to do.

Anonymous Submitter commented on 2002-12-30 07:45

please tell me how to get this to work

Project Manager

Once and for all:

The patches in this patch tracker are source code changes
sent TO the Rockbox team FROM fellow developers. They are
not intended for end users.

If you don’t understand how to apply this patch, then the
patch is not for you.

huwsy commented on 2003-01-14 15:05

Has anyone got this to work, as I have tried compiling it in
with rockbox but I get the following error. As the code is
trying to set

lcd_framebuffer[24+x][y] = w;

which fails as lcd_framebuffer apears to be a function which
returns a value as aposed to being able to accept a sent

/home/rockbox/build -lrockbox -lgcc -L../firmware

/home/rockbox/build/recorder/chip8.o: In function

/home/rockbox/build/recorder/chip8.o(.text+0×660): undefined
reference to `lcd_framebuffer’

collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

make[1]: * [/home/rockbox/build/archos.elf] Error 1 make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/rockbox/apps’ make: * [apps] Error 2

Anonymous Submitter commented on 2003-01-15 02:02

Could you compile rockbox 1.4 and rockbox-daily-200301XX
with the
chip8 mod and then post them?

becuz i gett the following error. As
the code is compileing
“lcd_framebuffer[24+x][y] =
w;” Too


Project Manager


I repeat:

This patch is here for us developers to test and later on
include in Rockbox, if we feel it is interesting enough. It
is NOT intended for users. If you manage to use it, fine,
but don’t bother us with support questions on some code that

Go ask the guy who wrote the patch.

huwsy commented on 2003-01-15 18:23

No i found what i missed out. I missed part of the diff file when
adding it.

Anonymous Submitter commented on 2003-01-18 21:24

blueloop: could you please compile this patch for us? there
have been many request for this, and linus said to ask you,
becaue he doesnt want to do it. Can you?


Anonymous Submitter commented on 2003-01-29 03:10

yes, could someoen please compile this?


Anonymous Submitter commented on 2003-02-05 00:10

Yes, I second that request - it would be most appreciated!

Anonymous Submitter commented on 2003-03-01 02:27


How add the three parts of the diff file in their respectively


Anonymous Submitter commented on 2003-03-12 13:19


Anonymous Submitter commented on 2003-06-16 04:26

looks really nice, now if only i could get a compiled fm
recorder version….

Anonymous Submitter commented on 2003-06-16 05:05

a nice person compiled and dcc’d it to me compiled
heres a link (fm recorder version)

works really good, just have to squint to view the ball in

Anonymous Submitter commented on 2003-06-25 06:01

does that only work with the fm recorder, or will it work with
the regular recorder as well?


You wanted more speed, so I thought I would tweak your
excellent code as such …I have found a couple of interesting instruction
implementations …could you tell me what you used as a reference to the
instruction set …the only ref I have found
is: …and
this disagrees with some of your code.
I would normally suspect your
code (no disrespect) but the thing it that your code clearly seems to work
(afaik), so I am baffled!

I could see this working like the viewer plugin. Would you
change it to work like this please?

Anonymous Submitter commented on 2003-10-11 16:52

Can this work on the Recorder?

I dont know anything in programming or all that stuff, and Im
interested in the cool games, can anyone email me the chip8
emulator to my email:
Please send me it…

Thanks, Run

Anonymous Submitter commented on 2003-10-30 13:35

It works quite well on the recorder. the only issue is that the
fast moving little objets are soooooooooo hard to follow.

I ported the emulator to be a plugin, it’s in cvs now. I leave
this open for a while as a resource to get the .ch8 files and
for the ToDo’s.

Anonymous Submitter commented on 2003-12-15 06:33

for some reason i cant seem to get the chip8 games to work
on my recorder. the game i select loads up and i get some
text, then i see two vertical lines and nothing else. no
buttons work but the off key. what am i doing wrong?

Anonymous Submitter commented on 2004-02-28 18:23

when i load chip8 games, i only see 2 bars and no other
buttons work except for off. whats wrong?


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