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Opened by gl.tter - 2006-03-06
Last edited by pondlife - 2006-10-02

FS#4786 - Rockbox doesn't shut down gracefully on low battery.

I just exhausted my H140 battery all the way on continuous playback. I was expecting Rockbox to shut down the player when battery power became critical, instead it kept trying to spin up the HD and failing. Worse, I was no longer able to shut the device down, including with the ‘hold Stop buttom for several seconds’ trick - a reset was required!

This should be addressed asap.

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3001 Rockbox  FS#3001 - Improved power management  Very Low Low
Closed by  barrywardell
2006-11-11 01:41
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Patch #3001 has been committed to CVS and also fixes this bug.

Do you have a recent build? This was an issue some time ago but has been changed, so the player stops saving the current state after a number of unsuccessful tries (IIRC it was 10). I had my player running completely down some weeks ago and it shut down after some retries (as said, without saving the current state)

Hi, yeah it’s only a few days old. I didn’t wait for it to try 10 times though, it kinda freaked me out.

Point is though that waiting that long is too long - what if you’re in the middle of recording, you’d loose it all. And it’s not very graceful. I’d rather it shut off (say) 10 minutes earlier. I don’t have any experience with the battery code, but surely that’s possible?

wehn commented on 2006-03-06 10:14

I’m a little concerned that lithium batteries permanently lose capacity if deeply discharged. Usually software, and/or hardware prevents this happening. I don’t know if the charging chip on the iRiver does this. But i have seen my laptop lose around 30 minutes battery life after a couple of low voltage cutouts on an unaware linux kernel.

As an added bogey, lithium cells have internal protection that activates below ~2.5 volts to prevent further use of the battery.

petur commented on 2006-03-07 10:14

When recording, low battery also causes the recorded file to be corrupted because not closed properly

I wrote a patch to overcome these problems, see In low battery condition it checks battery voltage also during disk access and switches off the jukebox nicely when dropping below 2.95 volts.

Of course, that URL should be with the new bugtracker

Jon_ commented on 2006-05-30 21:04

I think it’s something is wrong with your player or such because when my player gets to 6 precent battery life it shuts it’s self down properly. You tryed reinstalling rockbox.???~

I have posted an even elaborated similar bug

happened when I cycled my battery on a new H120. (150906 build)

I assume it just went flat as the next morning I was unable to get any sign of life whatsoever without using the AC adapter.

The unit goes to Ireland via the Ryder cup in September for my blind friend. Just checked that it does auto power off when not playing so at least ok there

I meant 15th August CVS build (no idea what CVS means)

I have a similar bug on the iAudio X5.
Rockbox does shutdown, but it does it only when the battery is drained to low (german: tiefentladen?, don’t know the proper english word for it. And doesn’t either…) and becomes corrupted over time.


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