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Attached to Project: Rockbox
Opened by wehn - 2006-03-27

FS#4933 - Play/Stop usage in UI seems inconsistent?

There seems to be slight inconsistency in the way Play and Stop act on menus. It seems sometimes Stop is “ESC” and sometimes Play is.

Stop at filetree Stops playback rather than returning to WPS as I would expect.

MAIN MENU → stop → FILE TREE → play → WPS
MAIN MENU ← AB/mode ← FILE TREE ← Navi/Select ← WPS
MAIN MENU ←-AB/mode——————————–WPS
+ long Navi/Select is context menu.

One of two general rules should be followed:

GO BACK/FORWARD type navigation:
- Stop returns to previous screen, ultimate being WPS.
- Play goes forward (ie Selects) but this is a bit of duplication of Right and Select/Navi that I am happy enough without.
This requires Filetree → WPS changed to Stop (rather than play)

GO TO type navigation (there is no ultimate back):
- Play goes to WPS unless already there (then it pauses)
- Stop goes to File Tree (and stops music playing if on WPS)
- AB/Mode goes to Main Menu (as it does now)
- long Navi goes to Context menu (as it does now)
- Left and right go forward and back in menus (as they do now)

This requires these changes:
Play on Main menu, Context Menus to go to WPS like it does on File Tree (rather than inactive).
Stop on Main menu, to go to File tree (rather than WPS).

I am not sure which I prefer, but transfering the action of Play on File Tree to Stop is simpler. Though the other GO TO Navigation may be more elegant and in keeping with the goals of Rockbox’s menus

Closed by  bagder
2006-06-28 13:49
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I don\'t think philosophical discussions about UI functionality belong in a bug report. Take it to the mailing list(s) or possibly forums.

wehn commented on 2006-03-27 11:05

Forgot to mention: Based on H300 use.

Project Manager

I can’t see anywhere in Rockbox where Play is used to leave a screen.

I guess this is because you seem to think that the WPS is the main screen, which it isn’t. The file browser is the main screen in Rockbox.

wehn commented on 2006-03-27 11:41

Yes, you are right. I always assumed the WPS was the base screen. And still hit the wrong key to get there. Maybe this is the base of other users key mapping quibbles too?

Perhaps the second set of suggestions makes more sense in light of this? Just to allow for constant Play = WPS, Stop = file tree.

Project Manager

The problem is that the Rockbox code is built as a call-tree, so jumping from one screen to another isn’t that easy. It takes quite some effort to change this. Not that it is a bad idea though.

wehn commented on 2006-03-27 12:07

I’m not a real programmer, but that thought had crossed my mind.
At the main menu Stop seems to go back to either WPS or File Tree depending where you were before. However unless you just left the WPS for a menu it seems you can only get to the WPS directly from File Tree. Play won’t go there. So you end up pressing stop then play.

My brains gone foggy. I might try and trace out the key mappings on a flow chart another night, to avoid jumping a fork. I am begining to see the reasoning in this layout. hmmm. tricky.


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