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Opened by Anonymous Submitter - 2006-03-30
Last edited by bluebrother - 2007-07-06

FS#4950 - Volume Limiter

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a volume limiter so it doesnt damage our ears accidentally when changing tracks or when your friends want to play with your nano and turn it really high? I know the devs are really busy, but I really think adding this feature will enhance rockbox further more. It would be nice if there was demo testing sounds playing in the background while you are selecting the volume limit.

- Michael

Closed by  zagor
2007-07-06 22:35
Reason for closing:  Duplicate
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Closing all feature requests.

This is already in Rockbox! Look for the replaygain settings.

Out of curiosity, what prevents you from simply looking at the screen to see the volume number before you put the earphones on? I mean, isn’t the *only* case where you can accidentally hurt your hearing one where you’re too lazy to bother to check? Especially considering the mischievous friends could simply change the limit…

First, I agree that I am lazy. Everytime i change track, i keep my nano inside my pocket because the wire/cord would be too much trouble to put back in. And i change track quite often sometimes when I am actually paying attention to my music. And when I say my friends playing with the iPod Nano, it is when I still have the songs playing and I am listening to my music while they doing something on it.

And uh… I can’t really find it in the replaygain settings… Please help?

- Michael

One, I still don’t get what you’re talking about with “changing track often” having anything to do with it. If you normalize your tracks, or replaygain them, there’s not a volume issue between tracks. In replaygain you can also set a Preamp to a negative value, which basically would keep the volume from going past that value below the max.

And again, if they’re playing with it while you listen to music, can’t they still unset the limit rather easily?

LOL. Sorry I forgot to put that whenever I change track, the volume changes as well. That is what I meant. I guess I was typing so quick I forgot what to type.

And I remember hearing somewhere around the site that says using replaygain uses more battery/decrease battery runtime. And that’s not exactly what I am looking for, I was hoping there was something like choosing a limit on the volume and making it not go above a certain volume. For example, if I want to keep my volume no higher than -45db, then I would set it in the volume limiter and whenever I change volume, it will be locked at -45db max. Something similar to the original Apple firmware.

- Michael

Oh, you’re talking about not being precise enough with your finger, and *slipping* on the volume wheel?

Yea. That always happens and I end up having to take it out of my pocket to adjust down my volume to the perfect -50db so I don’t screw up my ears. :P

- Michael

Honestly, I’m going to say I think this feature is unlikely. It might get added, but it seems like a sort of “fluff” feature, of the sort that isn’t really worth the extra binary size.

what really should be fixed is the volume setting on ipods, it should be harder to change.

I would also like this feature implemented in rockbox. Often as I am skipping forward tracks or accidentall stroke my lcick-wheel on the iPod, the volume accidentally goes too high. The apple firmware recently made this feature available, and I would certainly use it on my rockobx’d iPod.

1. use the hold button when not changing tracks.. to change tracks unhold.. change.. unhold.

2. dont let others use your player while you have the headphones on. anyone who allows that to happen deserves to get an audio shock.

3. Protect Your Ears At All Costs. Tinnitus has been linked to suicide.

correction: “unhold.. change.. hold”

I hate when people suggest alternatives to features that are obvious. Certainly a lot of feature requests are for ways to make doing something that’s complicated more convenient. Could people please stop suggesting things like “use hold” or “don’t accidentally change the volume”. It’s called a feature request, and that’s all it is, a feature request. It’s not feature demand, and not feature critique, just feature request. Stop making ocmments that aren’t related to advancing the progress of the feature’s implementation or questions about the feature. Thank you.

You could use the freeware “mp3gain”. It makes medium volume of the songs at the same perceived level, changing the gain by steps of 1.5dB, that is the step of the mp3 encoding. Then, quality isn’t affected.

i know this may seem ot, but why does rockbox always say -nn db, but clearly when it is 6 db, it is actually a whole lot louder?

Why *wouldn’t* +6 be louder than negative something?

yeah, but at about 2/3 up the volume scale (this is what ive heard) the volume on the ipod is supposedly 90 db, and from what i hear the ipod is capable of 150 db

How much that is actually output depends on the level that the file was recorded at, as well as the headphones you use.

What 0dB means in the Rockbox volume scale is that sound is being output at line level. The gain is neither being increased nor decreased. At 0dB you can very easily have potentially harmful levels of sound going to your ears. +6dB means that the level is increased and can potentially clip. How loud it actually comes out, as I said, depends on what the iPod is hooked up to and how loud the sound file is.

oh, well i don’t know that much about audio anyways (yet) but i am learning

I like the uncapped Volume. If someone wants to hear a song, you can just take off the headphones, and blast the music. My brothers and I do that in the car when the Radio breaks =)

I dont know about the volume limiter, but what about a volume regulator

Ken, I think replay gain fits the bill as a volume regulator. But if you don’t think so, please open a separate feature request and describe what you want in more detail.

i feel replayain can work for that , otherwise for accidently not increasing volume to the full try this working patch , works well

i feel replayain can work for that , otherwise for accidently not increasing volume to the full try this working patch , works well


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