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Opened by Anonymous Submitter - 2006-03-30

FS#4953 - Crossfade settings enhancement

An enhancement created today by Zakk allows crossfade to only happen on a manual track skip.

It would be nice to have different crossfade settings for manual track skip and for a normal end-of track crossfade.

With many songs fading out at the end, a 7 second crossfade still doesn’t overlap “enough” at an end-of track situation, but more than a few seconds overlap on a manual track change is a bit too much.

So my suggestion is to allow a selectable interval for manual track changes (eg 5 seconds or whatever number the user chooses) and a separate interval for end-of-track crossfeed (eg 15 seconds)

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Closing all feature requests.

What about an ‘always but when playing an album’ setting ?
It would check if the next track is from the same album and is the following one.
Would that be possible ?

This sounds like a good idea, as does a few other options I’ve heard suggested and come up with myself.

I’m still thinking about the best way to go about them…

I think a first (and slightly easier) step would be to separate the options out a little bit (or make more). here’s what i mean:
currently you can select “shuffle”, “track skip only”, “always”, and “never”.
well, what if i want “shuffle” AND “track skip”? when i have Shuffle on, i want to have every song change crossfaded, but when i have regular or album play on, i don’t (necessarily) want crossfade unless i skip a track. Currently, switching back and forth between “shuffle” and listening to an album (or intentional playlist which i don’t want crossfaded) requires that i change the CF settings too. if there were a “shuffle and track skip” option, or both options were selectable separately, it would take some hassle out of it. Plus, the code is already there, so it should be easy to implement. After that, you could go and do separate crossfade settings for different things (which i think is a good idea too).
BTW, I love the “never crossfade on consecutive tracks” option (especially useful if you have 2,000 tracks in a random playlist that you’ve been working on for a few days, but you want to queue up an album to listen to in-order without losing your spot in the playlist…) It seems it might be hard to implement, but i’m not quite sure. I still haven’t figured out how to get a good look at the playlist-generating code…

I’ve opened a new feature request specifically for the “album mode” thing. Check it:

OK, i’ve also opened a feature request for the whole “shuffle plus track skip” thing. See here:

The best crossfading routine I have found is by sqrsoft. This software was written for Winamp as a plugin. It is implemented as requested above, as well as offering additional options for crossfading.

-Crossfade when signal level falls to: It enables crossfade point shifting by signal level. The mix will start when the track decreases to the specified trigger level (the peak level is being analyzed)

This feature in Winamp works very well.


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