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Opened by nicolas_p - 2006-04-06
Last edited by jdgordon - 2007-08-04

FS#5047 - Backlight: extended "filtering when off" option with hybrid modes

This adds two more possible settings to the “First Keypress Enables Backlight Only” option (which is renamed to “Keypress effects when backlight is off”).
Possible settings are now :
- “All: BL & action” - “All: BL & no action” - “Select: BL, others: action & BL” - “Select: BL, Mode: action & BL, others: action” (the strings are a little different for the H300, as i used the actual button names)

The titles hopefully speak for themselves… I tried to make it as clear as possible.
In the last choice, i felt it was necessary that the Mode button should turn the backlight on as well as perfirm its action, as it opens a menu.

Closed by  jdgordon
2007-08-04 10:09
Reason for closing:  Rejected
mmohr commented on 2006-04-07 07:21

Sorry, I don’t understand the settings.

“All: BL & action” - switches on backlight and does the key action
“All: BL & no action” - switches on backlight and does nothing else
“Select, others: action & BL” - ???
“Select: BL, Mode: action &BL, others: action” - ???

Are the settings duplicated for the remotes?

Something else:
IMHO the handling of the NON LCD remote should be different
from the onew with LCD.
Keypresses at the NON-LCD remote should affect the backlight
of the main devices - at least when navigating in the
filebrowser (I dont want to see the backlight of the main
device going on when changing the volume…)

mmohr commented on 2006-04-07 07:40

Ahh - now I understand!
“All” means “does not matter which key” “Select” means “pressing the SELECT key” (PLAY on H300?)
“Mode” means “pressing the MODE key” (NAVI on H300?)
“others” means “pressing one of the other keys”

Is that correct?

How are the settings for the (different) remotes?

Yes, that’s it. Just one thing : on the H300, Select = NAVI and Mode = A-B
This patch shouldn’t affect the remote at all.

Hi all!

There seems to be a slight discrepancy here:
> “Select: BL, Mode: action &BL, others: action” - ???
> In the last choice, i felt it was necessary that the Mode button should turn the backlight on as well as perfirm its action, as it opens a menu.
> on the H300, Select = NAVI and Mode = A-B

If Mode=A-B, then Mode does not start the Menu. So for the H300 it should be:
A-B: only BL, NAVI: action&BL, others: only action no backlight

Great great great idea, I really want to have something like this. Please keep on pushing it!

Updated for current CVS.

norbulinka : on the H300, A-B opens the main menu, that’s why I felt it was necessary to turn the backlight on when it’s pressed.

Uups, true, I mixed this with the REC button. Thanks a lot

With this patch in “Select: BL, Mode: action & BL, others: action” mode, a held action only key turns on the backlight, no matter what screen is being used. this is not entirely functional because the volume keys are often held in the wps, and directional keys are not always held in menus and the file tree. A possible remedy for this would be having the player respond as if “All: BL & action” was on when in the file tree and menus, and in the wps, have held action only buttons leave the backlight off. This might bloat the code to much, but if possible, this would perfect this patch in my eyes.

Dan: the backlight is handled in the button driver, so AFAICS it’s not possible to make its behaviour context specific.

Hi Nicholas is there any way you could modilfy this patch to include another option for this back light setting. Now that the rockbox has been updated to have a function for the record button (it shows the playlist that is being played) could you add another option to - “Select: BL, Mode: action & BL, others: action” so that even record button does action & BL.

Hope this is clear

For Vamsi: The function for the record button is not generally available, but patched into some experimental builds for the H300.

Here is a patch ON TOP of the backlight filter patch that adds this functionality. It is included in my build at

updated my patch for current CVS.

sync to current CVS

Sync again.
Devs, doesn’t this patch interest you at all ?

Hi Nicolas!
I include your patch in the my builds, and I also add the following small change to it that makes REC be treated like MENU, because I also include the rec-button patch (via the recordings enhancements pack).

Updated for current CVS

Hi Nicolas!
Any chance that you come around fixing this for the new settings.c code?
Thanks a lot, Norbert

I overlooked this one .. If all goes well I might be able to fix the patch today..

Simple really..

Hi all!
Can anyone sync this patch to current SVN, that would be great.

Thanks a lot and all the best

also being able to configure exactly which buttons to react on and on which buttons not to react would be nice.

another question:
if i turn off the BL on all buttons with this patch, will the backlight go on if i press the buttons sucessively (for example 2 times forward)?

or does this patch turn off the backlight for those buttons for any number of keypresses?

Any chance of a sync? Its a very useful patch, should be included in SVN

This patch will apply cleanly, but I’m not sure it’ll work properly, as I currently don’t have an H300 to test it on.

Tested the patch on my H300 and it works beautifully :). I will let you know if I find any bugs. Thanks again :)


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