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Opened by fml2 - 2006-04-06
Last edited by nicolas_p - 2006-12-11

FS#5049 - Startup Screen option (feature request FS#5020)

Here is a patch that adds the ‘Startup Screen’ option to the playback menu (General Settings → Playback → Startup Screen). Possible values are:

- File Browser
- FM Radio (only on devices where it’s present)
- Playback (formerly known as ‘Resume on Startup’)
- Recording Screen (only on devices with recording capability, formerly known as ‘Start Rockbox in Recording Screen’)
- Last Active Screen

The options ‘Resume on Startup’ and ‘Start Rockbox in Recording Screen’ have been removed.

Known issues:

1. The ‘Last Active Screen’ feature is not implemented yet, it’s equivalent to ‘File Browser’ for now (see file tree.c) – since I don’t know where is the best place to track the active screen.

2. Version of the settings structure is increased, so save your settings before installing this patch.

3. I’m not completely sure whether the ‘FM Radio’ option is implemented correctly, I used the code for ‘Recording Screen’ as a template.

So it would do no harm if a developer familiar with Rockbox structure would throw a critical look at it!

Closed by  linuxstb
2007-02-21 11:19
Reason for closing:  Out of Date
Additional comments about closing:   Warning: Undefined array key "typography" in /home/rockbox/flyspray/plugins/dokuwiki/inc/parserutils.php on line 371 Warning: Undefined array key "camelcase" in /home/rockbox/flyspray/plugins/dokuwiki/inc/parserutils.php on line 407

As mentioned in the last comment, this functionality will be part of the \"root menu\" patch currently in development - FS #6630

ep0ch commented on 2006-04-06 18:35

Instead of calling it “Startup Screen” maybe “Startup Behaviour” is more suitable?

fml2 commented on 2006-04-07 06:28

Yes, ‘Startup Behaviour’ would be more suitable. Other location in the menu would also be more suitable, I only can’t figure out what exactly it should be. ‘Playback’ is it definitely not.

I have another suggestion. Have a setting that selects the internal microphone as recording input in the recording screen. On an iRiver H1xx (for example) you can select one of three input sources (mic, line, or optical) I assume the last input state is retained when restarting the player. When you’re in a rush and just want to get that quick recording switching inputs is a drag. I would be gtreat if you could just turn the player on and then hit record. Two button presses no matter what input was selected last time you exited the record screen.
This would be really helpful for musicians that want to jot down ideas really quickly or for people that like to take voice memos often.

fml2 commented on 2006-06-02 11:35
Have a setting that selects the internal microphone as recording input in the recording screen

Do you mean another entry in the Startup Screen menu? Or a different setting? I don’t like the former and would probably like the latter. I.e. you’d have (probably somewhere in the recording related menu) an option for input source with the values mic, line in, optical, last active. And then, if you go to the recording screen, the selected source is used. But it has nothing to do with this feature request/patch.

But *whether* you go to the recording screen is set via this option (i.e. from this patch).

fml2 commented on 2006-08-16 20:02

Updated the patch. Now the radio also activated (testes on iriver H1xx). This is done by calling sleep(2 sec) thus allowing the background thread to initialize the audio subsystem. The last active screen is still not saved.

fml2 commented on 2006-08-17 21:41

Updated the patch.

- Lang file keeps the old lines for resume on start up and recording screen on startup (not needed anymore) since I don’t want to bump the lang file version
- Last active screen is now tracked

One problem remains: since stop is triggered on button press (not on button release), the shut down process is never started from the WPS screen. I.e. WPS (and radio, and recording) can’t be the last active screen before shut down. So that option (’last active’ it is) will always activate file browser after start up.

fml2 commented on 2006-08-18 20:13

Updated the patch once again. Replaced not used strings in english.lang with “” and placed DEPRECATED as description.

fml2 commented on 2006-08-20 12:49

Changed button mapping for radio screen for iriver H1xx: radio mode is left on stop release, not on stop push. Now the option ‘last active screen’ works correctly for WPS and for the radio screen. Which stisfies me as I don’t use recording feature. BTW: button mapping in the radio and recording screens are not implemented using the new action code. That’s no good!

fml2 commented on 2006-09-01 19:19

Updated the patch. No functional changes.

fml2 commented on 2006-09-03 08:22

I give up! :-) The patch from Sep 01 again has conflicts. RB changes at such a high pace that I can’t keep up with it. When the devs decide that this feature is worth including it into CVS, I (or someone else) will update the patch. Now it’s (almost) a waste of time.

The root menu ( FS#6630 ) will allow this.


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