FS#5055 - "Album Artist" in Tagcache

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Opened by Anonymous Submitter - Thursday, 06 April 2006, 21:14 GMT
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In Foobar2000 the id3-Tag "ALBUM ARTIST" is used on albums with various artists. For instance, for a "Best of Bla Bla Vol 43" Compilation the tag "album artist" is added with the value "Various" for every track. Every track has the usual artist/title/album tags otherwise. This naming convention helps categorizing compilations in the Database View.

In our Tagcache this additional Information could also be used to group compilations nicely. When the tag "Album artist" is present (which should only be true for compilations and similar), then Album Artist can be used as a replacement for Artist when browsing by artists:

the current scheme
%artist% | %album% | %tracknumber% %title%
%album artist% | %album% | %tracknumber% %artist% - %title%
when the field ALBUM ARTIST is present.

Deep Purple -> Rock Classics Vol. 1 -> 05. Smoke on the Water
Various Artists -> Rock Classics Vol. 1 -> 05. Deep Purple - Smoke on the Water

This avoids hundreds of 1-track entries in the "by artists" view when many compilations are present.
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Sunday, 11 February 2007, 08:58 GMT
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Comment by Alan F (alsaf) - Wednesday, 10 January 2007, 23:34 GMT
Another format that would be useful for multi-disc compilations that would clear the clutter when browsing by Album:

%album artist% | %album% | %album discnumber% |%tracknumber% %artist% - %title%

Various Artists -> Greatest Hits of the Eighties -> Disc 1 -> ....

Various Artists -> Greatest Hits of the Eighties -> Disc 2 -> ....

Various Artists -> Greatest Hits of the Eighties -> Disc 3 -> ....
Comment by Alan F (alsaf) - Friday, 12 January 2007, 22:05 GMT
I think I may have a possible solution to get around compilation albums.

When encoding files or using a Tag Editor, set the comment of each file to the artist name or in the case of a compilation to Various. The individual artist will be stored in artist tag. To use examples:

Album: Greatest Hits Greatest Hits Metalogy (CD1) Metalogy (CD1)
Artist: Billy Idol Kim Carnes Judas Priest Judas Priest
Title: Rebel Yell Bette Davis Eyes Deceiver Exciter
Comment: Various Various Judas Priest Judas Priest

When the id3 artist option in rockbox is accessed the comment tag is read instead of artist tag. This will allow single artists to be displayed and all compilations will be put under Various.

When using the Search Artist option, this will be unchanged as the individual artist will be stored in Artist tag.

The change's required are to add the comment field to tagcache and to amend the id3 artist option.

Is this possible?
Comment by Alan F (alsaf) - Friday, 12 January 2007, 22:12 GMT
On checking the manual, the Composer tag is supported so that can be used instead of comment tag.

The only change that would be required is to the id3 artist browse option.