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Attached to Project: Rockbox
Opened by rockkybox - 2006-04-17

FS#5165 - Text Input phone style

IMHO i think that text input would be easier if it used a phone like interface with multiple key presses to get each letter. The hold switch could be used to get to a characters menu, here’s the idea:

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Lamed commented on 2006-04-19 09:14

I think this is an interesting idea, probably much better then the morse code keyboard (sorry miipekk). I hope to find the time working on something like this, but i’m not sure :/

well I forgot the most important thing, the space button, hm maybe if the hold switch was flicked quickly back and forth?

Project Manager

I would assume you need a backspace too… And what about numerical digits?

hmm well now you can see how much I thought this through :S i suppose the less common characters could be in a extra menu….maybe by holding the center button for a bit? and backspace could work the same as this with the « button?

Lamed commented on 2006-05-01 19:25

I don’t know how is it working on _your_ cellular phone, but on my nokia 3100, you click a character (# iirc) to change the keyboard between english, capital english, hebrew and numbers. that might be the mode button.

ojs commented on 2006-05-22 13:18

What about having some sort of Two-Level Honeycomb (see file), best used with the absolute position on the scrollwheel.
First you select the Section with the char, you would like to have and then get the char.

Easy to expand to more Items (Perhaps one “Numwheel” with the 10 digits would be much better than divide the digits in two parts)
Also special chars would be needed… Scales to about 8×8 ~ 64 entrys

Wouldnt it be a lot easier to just use the scrollwheel to cycle thru the letters, then hit Select to set it. And use the left/right buttons to move the cursor, an perhaps the play/pause be the delete or to change to numerical/symbols? Im sure the menu button could be for something. Switch Hold to exit like Doom does.

Just a thought.

Id love to be able to program something like this. But alas, Im not a programmer. :(

petur commented on 2007-08-05 00:14

what I would like is that we get a graphic showing what is mapped on what button. For the rest, it should act like the SMS in put of a mobile phone.

I like ipodfoo’s idea. Just scrolling though the letters and numbers would be great, easy and fast. The current keyboard on the text editor just screws with me! I keep hitting play and menu for up and down, erasing what I have just worked so hard for to type on my Sansa. Very frustrating for me.

I have a half-working implementation of the honeycomb idea, it breaks everything that isn’t an ipod probably, and replaces the normal keyboard input for now. The keymaps are hardcoded and not very well thought out. :)


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