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Attached to Project: Rockbox
Opened by weissel - 2006-04-20
Last edited by marcoen - 2006-06-29

FS#5191 - H120 LCD remote unresponsive in some menus (use player buttons instead)

  Version CVS-060418 on H120 w/LCD-remote
  Medium severity since it can be solved w/o reset and avoided by being careful, but it's easy to fall into, very user unfriendly and surprising at least to neophytes.
  Targets: I don't know if that happens on other platforms, but assume at least the H3xx may behave similarly with an LCD remote.
Using the H120 LCD remote control, it is easy to enter some menu and have the remote become completely unresponsive. Backlight still works, but that’s all
To solve the problem, one has to pull out the main unit and use it’s buttons.

This behaviour is completely unexpected (has Rockbox crashed?) and annoying (keeping the player in the backpack or pocked is foiled).

Even if you use the H120 to switch to these menu points, the remote becomes unresponsive.

- A-B | Recent Bookmarks
- A-B | Sound Settings | Equalizer | Graphical EQ
- A-B | Sound Settings | Equalizer | Save EQ Preset (the virtual keyboard)
- A-B | Manage Settings | write .cfg file (the virtual keyboard again)
- A-B | Playlist Options | View Current Playlist | A-B | Save Current Playlist (virtual keyboard)
- A-B | Playlist Options | Save Current Playlist (virtual keyboard)
- A-B | Info | Rockbox Info
- A-B | Debug | View I/O Ports
- A-B | Debug | CPU frequency
- A-B | Debug | S/PDIF analyzer
- A-B | Debug | View OS stacks
- A-B | Debug | View battery
- A-B | Debug | View HW info
- A-B | Debug | View partitions
- A-B | Debug | View disk info
- A-B | Debug | View dircache info
- A-B | Debug | View tagcache info
- A-B | Debug | View audio thread
- A-B | Debug | View runtime
- A-B | Debug | FM radio
- NAVI (long) | Sound Settings | Equalizer | Graphical EQ
- NAVI (long) | Playlist | Seach in Playlist (the virtual keyboard)
- NAVI (long) | Show ID3 Info
- NAVI (long) | Graphical EQ

and probably many plugins and a few other menu entries.

I believe:
* No action on the remote may cause the remote to become unresponsive.

Hence, to solve, I see at least the following possibilities:
* gray out/block/remove the offending entries from the LCD remote.
* show a “Sorry, that doesn’t work on the remote, press STOP to back out” when these entries are selected, and make STOP work.
* build an remote LCD capable version (e.g. the virtual keyboard could work with scrolling on the screen)
* switch to an alternate version (e.g. the simple & and advanced EQ settings instead of the graphical one)

The task depends upon
ID Project Summary Priority Severity Assigned To Progress
3025 Rockbox  FS#3025 - Enable "Show ID3 Info" screen on the remote  Very Low Low
5584 Rockbox  FS#5584 - fix the colour picker screen for the lcd remote  Very Low Low
5614 Rockbox  FS#5614 - Remote/multi screen support for bookmarks  Very Low Low
5628 Rockbox  FS#5628 - Rrmote support for Virtual Keyboard  Very Low Low
Closed by  jdgordon
2006-07-19 23:19
Reason for closing:  Fixed
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all done, apart from debug screens.

I can confirm the problems with the remote becoming unresponsive on certain menus with no way of backing out without using the player keyboard.
In addition to the list above, the pitch menu also can’t be used from the remote and some of the menus (ie LCD settings, themes) aren’t shown on the remote.

I’ve also found that the Remote takes two button presses to pause and resume playback (maybe not reading the buttons often enough?)

CVS-060418 is *really* old. It is known there are some screens that haven’t been adjusted for the remote. At least the equalizer screen got adjusted some days ago. Also, some patches for missing screens showed up the last days.

I think it’s useful to have a task that lists all missing screens, but please use a recent build when reporting.

oops, I missed the opening date of that task, thought it was today. Sorry!

mmmm- commented on 2006-06-29 13:46

I’ going to give this a go but I’ll ignore the debug entries for now.
Do a search under patches/remote to see how far I’ve got.

sort of bumping this… the 5 remote lcd patches on this page ( are all ready to go against latest cvs..
once these are commited this bug report can almost be closed, just got the virtual keyboard and the debug screens to go. (are the debug screens needed?)

should have done this before… ive attached the pach that has the other 5 in the 1, so less pain for whoever is gonna commit ti :D

mmmm- commented on 2006-07-02 11:47

The debug screens are a second priority not needed for 3.0 (might as well be done at some point though…all we have to do is the virtual keyboard… \\0/

ye, the vkeyboard is gonna be a huge PITA.. which is why i always change my mind when i open the editor to start work on it :D

mmmm- commented on 2006-07-02 12:00

For me it is already a huge PITA! it’s doing my head in! :D

mmmm- commented on 2006-07-03 12:40

AHA….finished…virtual keyboard support for the remote is a reality! :D

Well, that pretty much wraps this lot up (apart from the debug screen) It’s ready for 3.0 now :)

mmmm- commented on 2006-07-03 12:50


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