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Opened by Anonymous Submitter - 2006-04-26
Last edited by bluebrother - 2007-08-14

FS#5240 - Quick Playlist button, & other button/menu requests (for iriver 120 & others)

Here are a number of ergonomic requests regarding unused buttons & the menu layout. The first two would be really really good to have.

1. MAKE 1 BUTTON PRESS TO ACCESS PLAYLIST (for Iriver 120/140 use REC)
If a quick press of REC entered and exited the playlist, (from either the WPS or the file viewer), that would be awesome. On other players it might be trickier, but if it could be done it would dramatically improve Rockbox’s ergonomics. Even if there isn’t a one button press (or quick chord, ie Select + A-B), it should at least be the first option in the long-click select menu: view playlist. Rockbox is supposed to be a playlist driven player, but right now it is a pain to view the current playlist, it’s buried two menus deep.

There should be a quick key to Insert the file you’re on in the file viewer straight into the current playlist. Such as, long press of REC, or Right & A-B.

The play/pause button brings you from the file viewer to the WPS. It should also bring you from the other menus to the WPS. It is unused in the menu system (except in the pitch control, where it’s current function could be given to A-B, or there it could be left as is). That would be intuitive and speed things up.

3. ADD SLEEP TO LONG-PRESS SELECT MENU (or move it so it isn’t so deep in the menus).
The sleep function is buried kind of deep in the menu, if people are using it, they probably want to access it quickly. It would be intuitive & a good idea to add it to the menu that appears with a long press of select (like the sound settings).

Why not have the a long press on the unused REC button in the WPS screen bring you to the Rec screen? It would make sense & be useful. A useful alternative might be to pull you out of the song’s associated jpg, or lyrics sheet; but I think the recording screen would be better.


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Closing all feature requests.

amar commented on 2006-05-06 14:20

I have created a patch to do “2. MAKE PLAY/PAUSE BUTTON EXIT MENU to WPS” see patch:
 FS#5294  — Quick exit for menu screen

NB: If music is not playing or you entered the menu from the file tree, it will return you to the file tree insted

Some of your requests are adressed by my patch:

Record Button Configuration

I have a H100 and agree that we could do with some universal shortcuts to the playlist options, especially from the WPS and directory selector screens. These shortcuts need to work on the RWPS too. I see that there are patches available but are these included within the CVS builds? If not, will they be soon? Thanks.

I agree with this, it is especially annoying when you have the tag view enabled and you want to access another file. It seems silly to have to go into an obscure region of the options menu and change it manually.


Almost all of the main menu items have a context menu. “Playlist” does not. I think it would be great if the playlist context menu took you right to the playlist catalog.

1,1a probably wont be done
2,3,4 done already (well, sleep is in the system menu from the main menu, so close enough)

what are the reasons against (1)?

This would be the next best thing for a short press on REC for me (customising between a few given options would obviously be my first choice).

customizable buttons/menus are not very high on the priority list


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