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Attached to Project: Rockbox
Opened by Genre9mp3 - 2006-05-06

FS#5297 - iCatcher & UniCatcher WPS

This is a WPS with simple and plain graphics and also some nice “eye-catchy” animations. The concept behind this is a simple but fully functional interface. There are versions for all the targets and screens from Archos players to iPod 5G. There is also unicode support with UniCatcher versions (all targets except Archos and iPod Mini) and Remote WPS for the iriver targets.

There is also a possibility for different colour themes (for colour targets, of course). For colour options, check the iCatcher thread at Mistic River (

The zip contains:

iCatcher-112×64.wps for Archos targets:Recorder, FM Recorder, Recorder V2 and Ondio
iCatcher-138×110.wps for iPod Mini
iCatcher-160×128.wps & UniCatcher-160×128.wps for iriver H100 & iPod 4G Gray
iCatcher-160x128c.wps & UniCatcher-160x128c.wps for iAudio X5
iCatcher-176x132c.wps & UniCatcher-176x132c.wps for iPod Nano
iCatcher-220x176c.wps & UniCatcher-220x176c.wps for iriver H300 & iPod 4G Colour/Photo
iCatcher-320x240c.wps & UniCatcher-320x240c.wps for iPod 5G Video
iCatcher-rem1.rwps for use with the iriver H100 wps
iCatcher-rem2.rwps for use with the iriver H300 wps
UniCatcher-rem.rwps for use with the UniCatcher wps
.cfg files for each WPS

Closed by  hardeeps
2006-06-14 22:16
Reason for closing:  Accepted
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Great work! Default color theme has been committed. Going to look into making this the default theme for all supported platforms next.

One comment I would make, is as there is no backdrop specified, the existing backdrop from a previous theme is left in place after applying this one.
1) you can end up with mid grey text on mid grey background… (Brushed Metal is readable, but it's not hard to imagine one with a similar colour grey background that may cause some problems with readability)
2) you end up with an inconsistent look and feel to a WPS that has obviously had a lot of time spent on it

This looks like a very nice WPS to put in CVS. I like the simplicity, and the fact that it looks very much the same on all targets (a bit less information on the Archoses, but still…). The 320x240 icons do look a little blurry, but other than that, looks great. Nice! :)

bk commented on 2006-05-07 06:19

You should also create an AAC codec bitmap, otherwise it's quite elegant and complete. I would support this as a new default WPS.

Having a bitmap for the codec types makes the WPS a bit lopsided, if you centered the image or created a bitmap for bitrate (can you do that?) it would be a lot more balanced. Otherwise a really nice WPS.

Colour themes finished for every target! Check the screenshot.

Note that the zip contains 20 themes for every colour target for both iCatcher and UniCatcher versions, so it's a quite big file. (4,8MB). I didn't name the files as I couldn't decide the naming format, so anyone wants to load more than one themes on his player, he has to rename them first (eg. iC-Black)

To answer to some comments:

About the ACC codec bitmap: I'm not sure if the "%fc" tag is updated yet, but if yes, then surely I'm going to include this.

About the bitrate bitmap: This wouldn't be possible. You have to take into account the variables bitrates also…

Oooops….the file didn't upload as it should (maybe because of the size)

Anyway, here's a link to the file:

Very cool.. I think a nice naming scheme would be e.g. iC-White/Black, iC-Gold/Black (specify fg/bg colors in the name).

Cool work, I like these. :)

OK…Here's a major update on this:

- File re-arrengement/renaming to the new WPS building system

- Completed codec icons (added icons for aac, aiff, alac & shorten)

- Smoother pause animation

- Lessen bmp files for H100/iPodMini targets

- Lay out changes (Track title moved up some lines, progress bar moved down one line, genre information removed) IMO it's better this way - Text is not crowded anymore (eg. H300 target)

- An icon is placed next to battery % level so it's not confusing anymore - Sorry, couldn' live without it! :)

- Two colour options for CVS inclusion (White OR Default Rockbox Colours)


To take into account with the new WPS building system

- The iCatcher remote wpses, differ from H100 to H300 targets. This is because of the different font each target use. The "WPSLIST" source file should be able to distinguish them. I named the files "iCatcher.128x64x1.H100r.wps" and "iCatcher.128x64x1.H300r.wps" but of course this naming format can be changed.

- Also, since there's a different font from target to target, there should be a way to generate .cfg files with different font setting for the same WPS. (UniCatcher versions do not need this)

rockfont-8.fnt -> Archos
nedore-8.fnt   -> iPodMini
nedore-9.fnt   -> H100, iPod4G Grey, iAudioX5, ipod Nano
nimbus-14.fnt  -> H300, iPod4G Colour/Photo
courB14.fnt    -> iPod5G Video

About the WPS itself

- Adding a rockbox logo didn't go well at all. It "overloads" the theme and breaks the simple & plain look of the wps. I think it's better if we keep it this way

- Colour themes will follow as well. I'll just wait for things to be certain, so I won't have to update all the files again and again. It would be nice if we could bundle the white or the rockbox default theme, and let people download other colour themes as well from the site.

Oh… just a quick note. If you notice you'll see that the "Default colours" folders contain more bmp files than the "White" ones. This is because, grayscale doesn't work properly with blue coloured bmps for the monochrome targets. So some files had to be in grey as well. Of course, this affects the source files only. With the new WPS building system, builds will contain the same number of bmp files.

Nothing new…Just found out that I had some wrong bmps for the UniCatcher Versions in, here's the correct one:


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