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Attached to Project: Rockbox
Opened by philipa - 2006-05-13
Last edited by hardeeps - 2006-06-05

FS#5354 - Repeatable H100 hang when fast scrolling large play list

iHP-140, CVS-060506

root.m3u has ~6500 entries.

Open play list and scroll up or down whilst holding down they play button. Scrolling works for a couple of seconds, then the box hangs and has to be hard-reset.

Closed by  pondlife
2006-11-16 10:15
Reason for closing:  Out of Date
Additional comments about closing:   Warning: Undefined array key "typography" in /home/rockbox/flyspray/plugins/dokuwiki/inc/parserutils.php on line 371 Warning: Undefined array key "camelcase" in /home/rockbox/flyspray/plugins/dokuwiki/inc/parserutils.php on line 407

No response from reporters.

petur commented on 2006-05-13 23:21

unable to reproduce this (on a h340 but that should not matter)

EDIT: whoops - don’t have 6500 entries…

I get something similar to this.
on h120
something is playing, and then I hold scroll and after a second or two playback stops (while i’m still scrolling). releasing the scroll causes playback to resume. I have to scroll in short bursts if I want uninterrupted playback.

Project Manager

Odd. I can’t make it happen on my H140. Which format is the file you are playing when this happens? Also, are you using any effects, like EQ or crossfeed?

Im using EQ, no xfade… but I tried it with EQ off and it still happens.
it happens with MP3 and MPC and FLAC files. it doesn’t even have to be a big directory. if I go two files down from the top, then hold scroll up. it hits the top of the list and if I keep holding the button playback pauses until I release the scroll.
this is on the latest daily build.

ok well I just reset my settings and it doesnt do it with the defaults… I’ll redo my settings one by one and see which one is causing it.

ok well i’ve narrowed it down to the font. wierd. using the 6×12 font is what is causing it.

Project Manager

I still can’t repeat it with the 6×12 font and the EQ enabled. What bitrate is the track you’re playing?

hmm, it happens with all my files so I dont think it’s a bitrate thing. (they’re a mix of cbr and vbr)

it happens with EQ off.
this doesnt happen while scrolling through menus.. only in the file browser. (I have dircache on, tried it with dircache off and it still happens.)

I dunno what else it could be.

if I use the font that came with the theme, or the default font. it works fine. if I select any of the 5x, 6x, 8x fonts, the problem happens.

Joseph Belton: your bug is different from the reported. (I think the bug you metnion is already reported)
Unfortunately both are reproducable for iriver targets.

Linus: 1) Load 6500+ songs in a playlist start playback and then view the playlist and try to hold page down/up (play + up/down).
For me it just hangs and needs reset.

2) Load a large list (tree folders, playlist, or even a large txt file) and while playback hold page up/down for some time.
After a couple of seconds (even if the list reach then end don’t let th buttons) playback will stop and will continue as soon as you let the buttons.

I guess (2) has something to do with yields on the button driver. It seems that button presses “eat” all actions the cpu can handle and stops playback in order to process button presses.

I did some testing on this bug many months ago and believe I narrowed it down to being related to unicode string handling. I seem to recall it depending on the contents of the directory you’re scrolling. I spoke to Markun about it at the time, but he didn’t have any ideas offhand at the time.

Possibly a combination of a large(-ish) amount of unicode characters and the right/wrong font that causes problems?

I do not believe this is fixed. I just downloaded the latest build, and I can still reproduce the behaviour.

1. Create large playlist
2. Set font to eg. 6+12×13 3. View playlist
4. Scroll it continously

This will without fail make audio stop after half a second and until I stop scrolling.

If I use another font, eg. rockbox_default, this doesn’t happen.

petur commented on 2006-06-04 20:51

No No No. You’re mixing up two issues:

1. The topic of this bug entry: the player _HANGS_ when scrolling, this means it needs to be _HARD_RESET_ to get it going again.

2. The issue you are talking about: the audio stops playing when scrolling lists, but audio _RESUMES_ when you stop scrolling. This is a simple case of the cpu having not enough time to serve all tasks. This is a known issue but unrelated to this bug entry.

Unless I’m mistaken here, when the _FREEZE_ bug is fixed this tracker entry can be closed.

Actually, my fix was supposed to fix the audio stopping. However, I agree that having two issues on the same bug report is confusing. For anyone seeing the original problem (player hanging when scrolling), please try to reproduce on the latest CVS build. If it doesn’t happen, we can close this issue. For the second issue, please open another bug.

I am experiencing the same issue on an iPod video. I am scrolling in my list of songs, which I store in /music, and the iPod always locks up at the same folder as I am trying to browse past it. It locks up right before this folder, which is 69 characters long. The folder name contained alphanumeric characters in addition to the &, ‘, and () characters. I renamed the folder to just the artist name, with the album in a subfolder, and it was then able to scroll past that folder. I’m using the daily build from 19 July 07.

Ryan, or anyone else - can you still reproduce a hard crash in this situation, or is this now due for closing? There’s been a lot of code changed since July.

If you have voiced file/directory names on, it’s possible to overflow the voice queue when scrolling through during playback - maybe this is related?


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