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Opened by DiLate - 2006-05-17
Last edited by Marc_Guay - 2009-01-30

FS#5379 - iPod seek/scrub track w/scrollwheel

The original OS has the ability to scan through a track (usefull for tracks >1hr.) with the scroll wheel [like clicking the progress bar of winamp to a specific location while playing a track.

Would be nice to have in rockbox.

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Closing all feature requests.

Why not just hold down Right to seek to where you want to be in the track?

i have concerts/mixes that are over an hour long..

it takes a while for it to gain speed

its especially a problem when you dont know exactly where the cursor needs to be.. so the guess/check process can get Really tedious

Good point Sal. I might look into that.

!!! Thanks for your consideration !!!

even the possibility of it made my day =)

Any luck so far?

Havent started to work on it yet, since I am moving country:)
But I have already started reading and learning the code. I have my iPod in the car so the scrollwheel thing is very important for me as well;)

Good luck with the move!

Where you moving to/from?

also.. no need to rush, i can just use apples os when playing long tracks =D

Anyone interested in picking this one up?

This topic is a bit old, but anyway…

Maybe, to preserve compatibility with current interfaces and whatnot, add in an option so when you hold ffwd, and hit center while scanning, it speeds up according to rate in FF/RW Acceleration setting, rather then every X seconds from the setting.

I would REALLY love to see this feature implemented. I’d like to add that it’s a very useful feature because it’s too easy to accidentally bump the FF/RW button when you mean to be holding it down. This was always a frustration in players prior to the iPod. When I found the scrolling FF/RW in the iPod interface, I was very impressed. I really miss it in the iPod. Similar to what Sal posted, this is an issue because I use the iPod to listen to audiobooks. Sometimes I get distracted and have to RW a little. If I RW too much, I then need to FF a bit. This is a dangerous business when a slip of the finger will put you at the end or beginning of the track. Especially so if you didn’t remember where you were at to begin with and have to start searching a whole hour-long track to find your place, trying to avoid going to far and getting spoilers.

someone come up with a way which does not involve a setting to swap between seek and volume with the wheel and it might be doable.

Well, you have to swap from volume to scrolling somehow. We only need some quick and clever way. How about the quick screen? An option “enter scrub mode” could be added. On the iPod quick screen, “select” is not yet used for an action, I really don’t know about the interface on other hardware.

Sounds ok to me. In fact, this would be BETTER than the ipod. With the ipod UI, you have to hit the center button while the track is playing, scrub forward and backward, then listen to see if this is the right place. It only stays in scrub mode a short time, so then you have to hit the center button again to get back to it. But if it IS still in scrub mode, hitting the center button puts you in another mode, so you have to click until you get back around to scrub mode again. All in all, the original UI is kind of a pain. It shows you just how useful the scrub feature is that I’d go through that to use it.

Check out patch  FS#7762  (scrub mode ff/rew for iPod). I have just added this.

It uses another patch (described in the patch description) which adds double click capability to the iPod. Now you can double click on “select” to enter scrub/seek mode just like on the iPod firmware. pressing “select” or “play” takes you out of scrub/seek mode and resumes playback.

Let me know if this is what you were looking for.

This is a feature I would really like to see implemented. Looking for something specific in a large file is very tedious!


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