FS#5460 - Various corrections to manual

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Opened by Michael DiFebbo (medifebbo) - Tuesday, 30 May 2006, 00:37 GMT
Last edited by Peter D'Hoye (petur) - Thursday, 01 June 2006, 09:16 GMT
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These errors and suggestions noted by amiconn on IRC on Friday, 26 May 2006:

(1) In the Tag cache chapter, the only option for all archoses is "Keep tag cache on disk", with no option to set, as there is no (2) The 'caption backlight' description is slightly wrong. 'Caption backlight' enables the backlight <n> seconds before a track change, and disables it <n> seconds after the track change, with <n> being the backlight timeout value, or 5 seconds, whichever is larger. All backlight related settings aren't present on Ondio since the Ondio doesn't have a backlight
(3) Brightness isn't present on any target except H300 (yet)
(4) Rockblox was removed a while ago
(5) oscilloscope shouldn't cause skips on archos
(6) The %X background image tag isn't supported on non-colour targets (yet)
(7) Some icons are missing (namely at least the modified double-note for .wav files, associated with the wavplay plugin, which is btw also missing)
(8) The config options also don't match the target (too many details to check right now, but that's probably comparatively simple to fix later.)
(9) The lcd screen sizes are incomplete, and the X5 remote is missing
This task depends upon

Closed by  Martin Arver (tucoz)
Sunday, 04 June 2006, 17:26 GMT
Reason for closing:  Fixed
Additional comments about closing:  as 8/9 items are fixed, the remaining is transferred to its own bug.
Comment by Jonas Häggqvist (rasher) - Thursday, 01 June 2006, 20:24 GMT
1. (rockbox_interface/tagcache.tex)
- Used \\opt{SWCODEC} but that's not really true - it's dependent on memory size afaik. A manual for the IFP-790 will get in trouble here.

2. (configure_rockbox/display_options.tex)
- Fixed, but repeating the exact same text twice (for the remote) seems wrong? Maybe "works as on the main display" will suffice?

3. (configure_rockbox/display_options.tex)
- Fixed.

Rockblox is still built.

5. (plugins/oscilloscope.tex)
- Fixed.

6. (advanced_topics/main.tex)
- A HAVE_LCD_COLOR might be useful here (and elsewhere), but I'm not daring enough to do that.
- Tried but failed to apply an \\opt to this verbatim block.
- Skipped it in the end.

7. (appendix/appendix.tex)
- Added the wav icon and filetype.
- My lack of LaTeX-fu is showing, since I don't know how to \\opt{} this properly (ucl, wav, rvf should be MASCODEC only - ROLO files should be MASCODEC and iriver only - a different version of WAV (encoder) should be added)
- Wavplay plugin still missing - I can't test that as I don't own an archos.

- skipped this one.

9. (appendix/appendix.tex)
- Added X5 remote, Archos player and Ipod 4G gray. Changed names to conform to style (iPod -> Ipod).
Comment by Michael DiFebbo (medifebbo) - Sunday, 04 June 2006, 12:50 GMT
Jonas patches have been committed to CVS. Additional work needs to be done on this bug report as noted in Jonas' comments.
Comment by Martin Arver (tucoz) - Sunday, 04 June 2006, 14:19 GMT
Rockblox removed from CVS. (4)
Comment by Martin Arver (tucoz) - Sunday, 04 June 2006, 15:06 GMT
A fix to 6) committed to CVS.